Tips to Discourage Whining
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In this video, parenting expert Dr. Rene Hackney covers ways to prevent whining and steps to lessen whining once it starts. This information is for parents of two year olds who have just started to whine and older children who whine out of habit.


Host: What else can parents do to discourage whining? Rene Hackney: Discouraging whining is noticing and describing the nice voice. Every time they ask in a nice voice, you say what a pleasant way; you might even point it out another people, when somebody comes up and ask something you say. Listen to them, they had a nice voice. And it s teaching that child a bit about whining, and then whenever they are using a whining voice, being really consistent in having them fix the voice or in the few minutes delay. If you are inconsistent as a parent sometimes, you have them fix their voice and sometimes you don t. Sometimes you give a delay and sometimes you don t, children get a very mixed signal and the whining doesn't tend to lessen. So the idea is if you are going to address the whining with that having them fix their voice to do it very consistently, to do it every single time you hear the voice and that should lessen it pretty quickly.