Tips for Reading to Babies
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What are some tips for reading with babies?


Host: What are some tips for reading with babies? Rene Hackney: Reading with babies you want to really slow down, you want them to be able to look at a page as long or as little as they want. If they want to flip the page back that is fine as well. You might also just spend the time pointing out pictures and talking about the pictures in the book rather than reading all the text that is available. Their attention span tends to be shorter, it is also a nice idea to provide a wide range of books some board books, some paper page books or some soft books that are fabric, so they can experience them in a wider range of ways. A lot of young children like the more interactive books these days like the list of flat books where there are something for them to find on every page or the books with surprises throughout where it takes a turn there is one called Go Away Scary Monster where on every page the monster either gets bigger or smaller depending on which way you look through the book.