Tilty Cup Review
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It took a daddy inventor to come up with such a cool and simple solution to an age old problem. Why do kids never finish the last two ounces of water in the sippy cup? Never again.


Daddy Troy: Okay so you have heard the expression "Build the better mouse trap". Well a deadline as we thought we had seen it on Sippy cups and along comes the Tilty cup. The Sippy cup right here have little device that allows the kid to drink in a totally different fashion with the Sippy cup and I have got Shandley here from Tilty cup and he is going to tell us all about it. Shandley Phillips: Well the Tilty cup has an angled wall in it so that they are in more comfortable position while they are drinking. They can finish the little amount because it's forced down to the mouthpiece and it also works when you are still on your car seat when you are on the go. It has got a happy face lid. So if you have got a baby that's a little reluctant to leave behind a bottle this gives him a companion in their Sippy cup experience. We also have all the colors that they are learning in at that stage red, green, yellow and blue. Daddy Troy: Great, so, it might have a clip on top rather than a screw down on top. Why did you guys go with that well? Shandley Phillips: Well screw on tops, they tend to get loose because you keep tightening and tightening them and the mouthpiece ends up in the wrong spot. We wanted to make sure that the baby always experience the most comfortable position by having the mouth piece where the angled wall benefit to them the most. Daddy Troy: And did you guys did like extensive research in finding out the correct angle, or how did you guys figure that part out. Was that like a 45 degree it looks like? Shandley Phillips: Well I think it's more like its 60 but, we wanted it to make sure that it was giving them the same amount as all the other cups which is a seven ounce cup. But still forcing the fluid all the way to the mouth piece so they never had to tilt all the way back and that breaks that mechanics that causes down back to where they tilt a regular and dump it all out. Daddy Troy: My daughter, she freaks out whenever she has spilled stuff all over her, and she does not like to be wet and also it's better than washing your clothes all the time as well. So my other big question is, I am a grown up and sometimes I have a few bears after work. So I think that grown ups use it as well and keep that spill factor from spilling bear all over themselves? Shandley Phillips: The only thing you want to do is, if you have some carbonated in here, carbonation builds up it starts spilling at you in and out of the mouthpiece. Daddy Troy: Oh! That might make it even easier. Who knows, it's looking great. Well the Tilty cup. This is really great thanks so much. Shandley Phillips: Thank you.