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Hot Tub Time Machine and How To Train Your Dragon go up against The Bounty Hunter and Alice in Wonderland.


This Week's Movie Releases Gerard Butler hopes his bounty improves. Dragon stilt to slay the competition and can Hot Tub Time Machine knock off Alice. Here’s a look in what’s in theaters this weekend. After months of promotion, the Bounty Hunter is finally on the big screen and it didn’t exactly do very well. The Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston romcom opened it poorly, taking in just $20 million barely enough to cover Aniston salary. So, studio execs are hoping tickets sales will pick up. But it has some stiff competition. How to Train Your Dragon opens in 3D this weekend, which also happens to star Gerard Butler. The animated film features the voice of the Scottish hunk and the animated story about a boy confronting his fears will have kids dragging their parents to theaters. Also making its debut is the much anticipated Hot Tub Time Machine. The movie follows four friends who traveled back to the 80s. Thanks to a time bending hot tub which will surely keep movie goers laughing. Looking to hold on to the top spot for another week is Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, which goes to over $270 million already.