Thermos's Foogo Sippy Cut Review
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In this episode of Gear Daddy, Daddy Troy gets the lowdown on sippy cups for kids. He is joined by a representative from Thermos to introduce their new Foogo sippy cup and straw bottle line. These baby products are some of the most useful items for parents.


Troy: If I give my kid a sippy cup, I'm always worried that the milk, the juice might go bad. Well, I've found a great solution, it’s my Thermos, it’s by Foogo brand and it’s like a thermos bottle that you're use to seeing. But it’s a sippy cup, it’s really industrial strength. It’s really, really cool. Carrie: What is this is our new line of a vacuum insulated sippy cup. We have four other products in the line. But what's really nice is their vacuum insulated, so when you put cold milk inside, you don’t have to worry about it going bad. It’s going to stay cold for 6 hours. Troy: 6 hours. Carrie: 6 hours. Troy: That’s incredible. Carrie: Yes. It’s also constructed of stainless steel inside and out. The valve system, it’s a two part valve. So it really helps prevent any leaking. All the plastics are PPA free. So it’s a safe product that’s very food smart that you're going to give to your child. Troy: And you have another product that’s pretty similar. Carrie: Yeah, we have a straw bottle here. This is more for when a child 18 months older. So when they kind of graduated out of the sippy cup. This is a vacuum insulated straw bottle. Now, this will keep it cold for 12 hours. Troy: 12 hours? Carrie: There's a good chance there still going to be ice in there after that 12 hours. Troy: So is that one made better than this one for some reason? Why 12 hours? Carrie: No, the reason why, this is 12 ounces and this is 7 ounces. And any time you have a bigger capacity, it keeps that temperature retention longer. Troy: So it must be like surface area to volume ratio, something like that. Carrie: Yes, exactly. Troy: Very cool. How do the suction work in this thing? Carrie: You just push the button here and if flips open. And this is just a silicon straw, so it’s not going to get rusty over time. It’s very food safe and contact safe for your children. Troy: And how about washing them? Carrie: They're all dish washer safe. Troy: Okay. Super. We're talking earlier, there's actually some testing you guys have done with this particular product. Carrie: Correct. We did a test at Cornell University and we wanted to see how long it took for milk in the vacuum insulated sippy cup to reach 70 degrees which is cause by the hot zone where bacteria multiply every 10 minutes. So what we did is we took our vacuum insulated sippy cup and we took three other sippy cups in the market, I should say, they are insulated. They're too welds of plastics, which is insulation just in a smaller version. So we put the milk in there, 40 degrees. And we wanted to see how long it take to get to 70. It took the three other products 4 hours to reach 70 degrees. And it took ours 16 hours to reach 70 degrees. Troy: Wow, incredible. And if I'm going to take my kid to the game and I want to bring some maybe non-milk, juice drink for me into the game. Because it doesn’t have to be juice or milk in these things, right? Carrie: Nope. Troy: Okay, sippy cup with multiple purposes. So great, super. Well thanks so much Carrie. Carrie: You're welcome. Thank you.