The World's Fastest Workout
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No time to work out? Try this 4 minute interval workout video aka the world's fastest workout. Personal trainer and body transformation expert Stephen Cabral takes


[Music Playing] Sarah Welcome to video, I am Sarah, your host, and today once again, I am joined by Body transformation expert Stephen Cabral, and today he is going to be putting me to the world fastest workout, so two questions for you Stephen, one, how long is this workout? How long does it take? And two, How can it be effective if it is so short? Stephen Cabral Just to give a quick summary of the world’s fastest work in these four minutes long. It is 20 seconds a work fall, by 10 seconds a rest, and it was develop by a Japanese scientist to – was basically trying to increase aerobic capacity, as well as increase the metabolism for the next up to 36 hours. So it is pretty effective. Sarah Cool! So if it is a four-minute workout, and it gives you results I am off for it, so let us go to it. Stephen Cabral Let us do it! Alright Sarah, the first exercise we are going to do today is called “Squat thrusts”, so it is the first exercise in our to body interval. So hands above the head, we will have you start by placing your both hands on the ground, once you put your hands in the ground in push position, you are going to kick the feet back, push up, keep the feet back in, hands over head, 20 seconds. So let us hit it now, 20 seconds. [Demonstration] Hands right overhead, so we are keeping the core engaged kicking the feet back out, and then right back over head. So you are half way there, you are moving as fast as you can with good form, so you really are right back down, right back up, kick them it nice and quick, three more seconds, right back up. We are going to rest 10 seconds. So, next exercise we are going to do is mountain climbers, mountain climbers we have done before, we are going to get right down to pushup position. We are going to bring the front leg in. let us hit it right back down on the ground, mountain climbers, one foot in, one foot out, keep kicking as fast as you possibly can. Again, with good form, Sarah is keeping a nice flat back right here, her elbows are slightly bent, so she is not just locking out her elbows, and she is going to push for another five seconds. [Demonstration] And now, she is going to rest for 10 seconds. In 10 seconds, she is going to start up with high knees. [Demonstration] Keep the core engage, lift your knees nice and high. Kick in high, stand on the balls of your feet. She is half way there, so high knees basically keeping our core engaged, she is using her glutes, she using her calves, get her heart rate pumping of course because that is what we are trying to do here today. It is really about to burn a lot of body fat, and now, she can rest for 10 seconds. So in 10 seconds from, we are going to do our last part of our basically Tobata first part, Tobata is eight rounds, and you are going to hit jumping jacks right now, jumping jacks, 20 seconds. So, really pushing hard, again, this is not all, it is only four minutes, so you cannot really take your time. It is an all out four-minute last, so 10 seconds. Good, keeping the abs in, she is getting in her thighs, other thighs working, she is on the balls of her feet, her hands are coming all the way over the head so they are not little half jacks, she is coming all the way up, and she is resting now. Good! We are already halfway there, so in about five seconds from now. We are going back to squat thrusts. [Demonstration] Okay, kick right back up, we need to move again as quick as you can. Good, your form is good, keeping the abs in tight. Right back down, right back up, we are halfway there, so as many as we can get. Five seconds, you are going to start to feel fatigue here, you will start to feel tired, it does not mean you can stop, you are going to keep pushing right through, and rest, good, alright. Last round, five seconds, mountain climbers. Good, pull those knees nice and tight, nice job. That was really fast, good, kicking back and forth, core is getting great workout at the whole time, she is still not letting her elbows lock out, she is not even locking her knees, which is great, and her fingers are spread apart, it takes the cushion—push cushion on your wrist which is nice. Push and fast, good, rest, alright, we have 10 seconds before we do high knees. So the two easiest I think, high knees and jumping jacks coming up next. So she is just working hard and let us hit high knees right now, high knees, good, lift them high. It is only 20 seconds, halfway there, 10 seconds to go, good, once you touch your right back in the air. There we go, that is what we want to see. 10 seconds rest, we are going to finish out nice and strong right here. All right, so big finish, jumping jacks, 20 seconds all over. Good, really moving the feet fast because if you pump the arms fast, you pump the feet fast, you are going to keep that heart rate going, and the benefit of this is you are going to keep your heart rate now elevated for the next 12 to 36 hours. They found there in the study, again, done by the Japanese scientist that heart rate and impact, or I should say metabolism was boosted for the next 36 hours, rest, great job, good, and that is the world’s fastest workout. Four minutes of work, four minutes of total work, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, just a overall full body blast, as you can see Sarah has got her heart rate up, and she has been fully worked. Nice job today, that was great. Sarah Thanks, definitely, I am out of breath, somebody who runs a lot. It is a good workout.