The Truth Behind Celebrity Moms
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In this video we talk about celebrity moms and we perform a makeover on a new mom .


Sarah Jagger: Welcome back to Mummy Makeover. In a moment we will be meeting mom to Debra who is giving the more glamorous hair makeup, but first I am joined by Catherine Turner, Health and Beauty Director at Easy Living Magazine. Hi Catherine! Catherine Turner: Hi there! Sarah Jagger: Let’s talk about celebrity mummies. Catherine Turner: Always in the news. Sarah Jagger: Always in the news; do you think that there is a pressure on ordinary mummies to look good that’s encouraged by celebrities always looking incredible. Catherine Turner: Yeah I think we have been seeing so much of this getting back into shape, seemingly after three weeks, or even the day after giving birth and I think that’s really unrealistic and I think in our heart of hearts we know that that isn’t the case. I mean often the images that you see in magazines, there is a time lapse between, you know, real time when these pictures were taken so we often get a false view of it. It’s also a really refreshing to hear celebrities such as Liv Taylor talking about the fact that she found it hard to loose her baby weight and she is more realistic about it and saying that she loves her body after giving birth because it’s more capacious and she is happy for it being like that and I think that’s a really good move on her part and we all relate to that in a much better way. Sarah Jagger: I think she is one of those celebrities in particular that has this sense of being a little bit real, and natural and someone that we could relate to a little bit. Catherine Turner: Exactly the whole thing of going back to your normal weight almost instantaneously is not going to happen in real life, and she was quite open about talking about that and I think you have to allow yourself time to get back in shape. Of course you want to try to do something about it, but don’t put unrealistic pressure on yourself. I think you have to let things on hold a bit, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to work at it. Someone like Liz Hurley is the first to admit, she works hard at maintaining her body and someone like Madonna at her age, with that body she has is amazing, that she is always working out. So we understand that that’s what they do, but we don’t necessarily have the time. Sarah Jagger: Also they have a lot of help, so they do therefore have more time. Catherine Turner: Not all of us have personal trainers, do we? But it’s worth thinking about because it’s something that is going on in every one’s area. It is worth considering if you are really serious and time is of the essence, maybe it is worth looking and investigating how much it cost for you to do one-on-one session every week at the gym which will get you there much faster than if you try to do it yourself, not really knowing what routine to do. So I think, don’t think it’s out of the realms possibility. I think you just need to have a bit of a strategy with your get back in shape plan. Sarah Jagger: And perhaps not try and do anything too drastic too quickly, it will stress your body out. Catherine Turner: Exactly, I think the main thing is not to put unrealistic pressure on yourself. You have got more important priorities in your life, let’s face it, and so get it in perspective, but at the same time being fit and healthy is really important for the baby as well as for you. Sarah Jagger: That’s true. Thank you Catherine. Catherine Turner: Thank you. Sarah Jagger: Now let’s meet 35-year old mom Debra. She spends two minutes getting ready each day. Debra loves lipstick, but she hates her thin lips. Hi Debra! Debra: Hi Sarah! Sarah Jagger: Debra tell me about yourself. Debra: I am 35-years old. I have got two children Max and Eve, three and one. I might add to them a sister and as well as looking after the children who are three days a week in a PR agency here in DC, so I am pretty busy most of the time. Sarah Jagger: Now you are here for a makeover. What you would you like to take away with you today from the makeover? Debra: I would like to get some tips really on how to make myself look better and with the time available, especially time is such a premium and I feel that -- I am trying to stay the same, but it feels no movement, nothing else, it will be nice to reclaim Debra back again a little bit and maybe able to take the image a little bit that’s slipped over the past couple of years as well. So that would be great. Sarah Jagger: And what kind of makeup did Debra wear before kids? Debra: Minimum, absolute minimum and probably the same makeover that I wore 10 years ago. I have not been very adventurous and I go for the muted colors, I think are pretty safe. So it would be nice to take away some tips and maybe something new that can be taken forward as well. Problems are with lipstick come out too, so mainly sort of stable make ups I wear day in day out, and on the night out I might wear a little bit of mascara, but nothing too outrageous I am afraid. Sarah Jagger: And what about your hair, what do you do with your hair? Debra: Again it’s got to be practical, I still got to be able to maintain it. I do wear it down for work, but I tie it back when I am with the children and so I would like to keep a little bit of length, but maybe update it and have it look a little bit different too, -- day in day out and maybe a little bit of changing color as well, I have had this color for long time. Sarah Jaggar: Okay I am going to introduce you to Garry to talk more about your hair and then I will do your makeup. Debra: Okay, let’s go. Sarah Jagger: Debra meets Garry. Garry: Hi Debra! Please to meet you, come on have a seat. Sarah Jagger: And you can talk to Garry all about hair. Garry: Okay see you later. Okay Sarah you are a working mother of two children I believe. Debra: That’s right, three year old and one year old, they keep me busy. Garry: That must be very tough. I have got two children, so I know exactly what it’s like and okay, let’s talk about hair then. You are into PR I believe, that's your profession. Debra: Yes. Garry: You need to be presentable and professional looking and every thing. So how do you feel about the shape right now? Do you feel you have been growing it out. Debra: I have been growing it out and I have probably taken it as far as I want to, and I realize now that I need a little bit more shape, a little bit more texture to suit my face and so anything you can do to kind of something around that. Garry: Okay. Yeah, no problem. I think what might be quite nice if we take some of this shape around your face a little shorter maybe bring this length up to kind of the jaw line here that would be quite nice. I will still keep some longer length around here, maybe slightly shorter through the back, to keep it very soft and very broken out so you can wear it quite loose, then if you want to blow dry that through, you get some nice texture and separation through there. And I presume you want to cover out that with the natural highlights that you have got there, the gray areas and I think what we do today which will be really good for you, is to just do what we call a natural glossy and all the aces where we go from the root through to the end and some really nice simple tone and all the way through and it just brings out a lot of shine. Sarah Jagger: So the first stop with the toning and dye and color expert Sarah Alexander. She has mixed a proportion that will cover up the grays and use it on Debra’s hair. After the dye has worked its magic; a quick wash and then back to Gary for a cut. He is creating some layers on the back and sides and performing surgery on Debra’s out of control fringe. A quick blow dry and the hairdo is complete. Debra this is quite different for you. Debra: It certainly is, yeah I love it, I think it’s absolutely great. Sarah Jagger: You love it. Debra: Great color and everything. Sarah Jagger: Garry tell me what you have done? Garry: Well the main thing with Debra’s hair today was to even out the color, we did that first, so we wanted to just get one tone all the way through and then bring the shine back. What we then did was to go through, and reduce a lot of weight around this back area, through here, and really bring some of the natural movement out of it. I have worked layering, leaving it just slightly longer towards this front area where she took the fringe back a little bit further and just cut it very simple, very classically blunt fringe, just resting on the eyebrow and then widening there a little bit. So it took more of the treatments to get more here than softened it through here. So she could wear that forwards or tuck it behind ears and it sits really nicely on her. Debra: And it’s beautiful. Garry: Yeah. Sarah Jagger: And it really does frame your face. Well Debra, let’s get you into the makeup chair. Debra to compliment this beautiful kind of chocolate tone that you have got going through your hair now, I thought it would be nice to use some plumy raspberry red, kind of like what you used in your toe here. Very green eyes, plums are the opposites of green so it really makes the green standout in your eyes. Now your skin is a little bit on the dry side. So I am going to use a foundation that is quite reflecting to really give moisture and the illusion of hydration to the skin. Now I am using a sponge because I really want to make sure that we are using as little foundation as possible. I am using concealer on the inner corner of the eye and on the outer corner of the eye, and of course any tiny little blemishes, I always find it easier to use a brush. Ideally you only want to use powder where you have used concealer just to stop it from slipping. You don’t have an overly shiny skin so you don’t need to go mad with the powder. This lash should have tiny bit of shimmer through it. I say shimmer not glitter, because shimmer is actually quite neutral when it’s on, it makes your skin glow rather than looking like you are going to a disco. Imagine that anything you want to bring forward, like your eyelid is what I want to bring forward, you keep pale, anything you want to keep it recede you keep it dark. I always think it’s nice to have a bit of eyeliner around the lashes, if you have got a quite heavy fringe, okay let’s that’s much over the top of this. Now your lashes actually do stay fairly straight naturally don’t they? Debra: Yes. Sarah Jagger: Then this is perfect for you. Again I think to balance the fullness of your fringe, I think you need pretty fat lashes. I am using a cream blush. This looks quite dark in color, but because it’s so sheer in texture, it’s just going to give you a little hint of a flush, blend it down, we will try to use some powder. By highlighting the top, what you do is you actually enhance the natural shape of your upper lip. Lip liner is great to even out the lips, but since it looks obvious, it ages the face, let’s finish with this ever so smiling shimmering raspberry gloss. That’s it. Now Debra when you came in this morning, this is what you looked like and this is you now. What do you think? Debra: It’s a transformation. I think it’s fantastic. Sarah Jagger: Do you think this is something you can keep up everyday? Debra: Certainly not everyday, I can certainly take a lot of what you have given me, I would like to try to and be creating this for a night out, definitely. I think it’s fantastic. Thank you. Sarah Jagger: Well I am glad you came to join us on Mummy Makeover. Debra: Thank you. Sarah Jagger: So Catherine what did you think of Debra’s glamorous new look? Catherine Turner: Yeah I thought Debra’s hair looked incredible didn’t it? I thought the idea of all over color looked fantastic and I think we have been seeing a move towards that in terms of fashion, all over color seems to look more modern and obviously on dark hair it really shines. So it looked amazing and it kind of brought her whole hair cut together. Sarah Jagger: I think that all over color now is better than it used to be where you used to get this very solid block of color that color is so good. Exactly, now that you get this kind of slightly shiny glossy version of your color. Catherine Turner: And also colorists can use techniques where they are actually adding highlights as well as having the all over colors so it looks really real. Also on Debra, I thought really suited makeup, I thought it really went with her new stronger hair color, so she looked fantastic. Sarah Jagger: Thank you for joining us Catherine. Catherine Turner: Thanks. Sarah Jagger: We will see you next time.