The Truth About Travel Insurance
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Don't cross travel insurance off your checklist just yet. Many travelers think that they don't need to buy insurance if they have a credit card or other health coverage but would be surprised to learn how little these actually cover.


Female: The sun doesn’t shine on every vacation. Unfortunately, many Canadians only discover the limitations of their credit card or work place travel insurance coverage when it’s too late. The truth about travel insurance is going to surprise you and now there is a place to get all the facts. It’s a new and reliable public information website called ‘The truth About Travel Insurance. Nathan LaFayette is Director of Operations at AIG Travel Guard Canada. Nathan LaFayette: The truth about travel insurance website is a public awareness campaign designed to help Canadians make informed decisions when buying travel insurance. You know, too many people find out the hard way that their government health insurance or their coverage to their credit card doesn’t cover them for what they need. Female: There are many myths surrounding travel insurance like the following. Some people think that provincial health insurance will reimburse them from medical bills related to accidents and illnesses outside of their province. Nathan LaFayette: The truth is the provincial health insurance doesn’t cover you for all out of country medical emergencies. All Health for example covers you for $400.00 per day whereas the average American in patient visit is $4000.00 per day. Female: Some people think that their credit card includes travel insurance coverage. Nathan LaFayette: The truth about travel insurance on credit cards is that it typically only covers you for accidents and not illness. If you’re going to leave the country, you need coverage for all medical emergencies. Rebecca Hagenson: We are planning on touring the entire country from top to bottom. It’s going to be a 16 day long trip. Though we’re hiking in the Waddy and I was climbing through rocks you know, there was a rock that was about four feet off the ground and I just lost my footing and I slipped off the rock. Well, I realized that I needed surgery immediately on my knee and so Travel Guard worked with me with making a decision, deciding what was best for me. Travel Guard purchased first, they have to get tickets home for me and my boyfriend. I would definitely recommend people buy travel insurance. Things happen that you don’t expect. Female: If you have questions about whether you are purchasing the right travel insurance policy for your next trip, visit