The Truth About Circumcision
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Some men are circumcised and some aren't - should you get circumcised? Does it hurt? What's the right age for circumcision? Will it improve sexual pleasure or increase the risk of getting STD's? What's the truth?


[Music Playing] Dan: Okay, the truth about circumcision. Jennifer: We have all heard about it. Do you really know what circumcision is? Dan: We've all heard about it and what 30% of the adults -- Jennifer: Alright, let's read the question before -- Dan: Today I have been lucky to discover it on themselves that they have a choice about it, but we will get to that. Jennifer: Yeah, read the question. Dan: This is from one of our YouTube viewers and he -- I am guessing it is a he, says, dear Dan and Jennifer, does circumcision improves sexual activity or - absolutely! Jennifer: Oh yeah, you become adonis. Dan: Stud, girls lining up like from here 100 yards down, they are all waiting for you. Does it hurt? Jennifer: Yes. Dan: Unless you are a baby in which case who cares, right. Oh no, they started giving them anti-pain meds these days. What's the most appropriate age to get circumcised? When they are too young to say, no? Are there more possibilities of getting infected after being circumcised? Infected about what? But -- Jennifer: Infection. Dan: Yeah, just in general, again infections. Should I leave my penis as is? Yes. Do I have to get my circumcised? No. [Music Playing] Dan: Okay, so let's see the longer version. Jennifer: Okay, you kind of get where we come from on this and this says something that I, even though I am a woman I am very passionate about -- Dan: The terms of religious baggage. Jennifer: Yes, this is nothing but religious baggage, okay. Dan: Nothing wrong with religion, but there is stuff left. Jennifer: If you don't know what circumcision is, they take the end of your penis and they cut the skin off, okay, snip! And men are worried about discectomies. Dan: Yeah, really! Jennifer: Ah! But the same men will have their child circumcised. Dan: Now most of these guys will not go and say, you know what, I want some part of me snipped off. They don't do that, but they are like I just had a kid, you know what, my belief say, I got to have them snipped. Jennifer: So where does this come from? Why does everyone get their baby circumcised? Okay, religious beliefs, societal beliefs where we are in society today, hygiene. Dan: They want to look like that. Jennifer: Right, okay to be honest with you it is easier to creep -- a circumcised penis cleaned than a non-circumcised penis cleaned. Dan: But in today's day-and-age we have showers, running water. It's sort of an outdated thing in large part. Jennifer: Yeah, and my whole thing is okay and this is a woman's perspective so take it with a grain of salt, you can get Dan's perspective in just a second, but it's cosmetic surgery, okay. There is no medical justification either way, there are arguments on both sides, but the fact is, there is no medical reason for it and there are no real medical reasons against it. Dan: Or rather there are just as many for as there are against, and nobody has really got a good conclusive thing. But there are a lot of people that are very adamant that what pulls down to is their religious beliefs, is where it really comes down to, say that they are going to cut it. Jennifer: Or their dad did it, you know their dad it so they want their son to look like their dad because their dad and their dad did, and they want their boy to look like all the other boys in the locker room. Well, hey, if that's the case why don't all the women get boob job so we can all look just the same. It's ridiculous. Dan: Well, what? Big breast, no we will talk about big breast, that's a different deal. Jennifer: No, but my point is we don't all have to look the same. Okay, I'd like to think that as a society we are moving beyond that. Dan: Yeah, so that's really our thing. Again we are asking you guys to do one thing. Think, question everything and remember -- Jennifer: That's our model question and everything. Dan: The human race has done monumentally stupid things in recent years even. But that's hundreds and thousands years monumentally stupid things and just because -- Jennifer: Women voting, slavery -- Dan: I am not sure women voting is necessarily bad thing. What 60-70 years women couldn't vote, monumentally stupid things, just because it's like that today, it doesn't mean it's not stupid. So we are asking you to just keep an open mind and think. Is it right to snip that baby without asking them? Jennifer: Yeah, but I was researching this question and for our extreme sex advice questions, we do do research, okay, we throw our opinion in, but we do the research as well, and the best time to do it is when a baby is two to three-weeks-old. Dan: So say most doctors. Jennifer: So say the doctors, why don't you ask the baby? Oh my Gosh! Dan: Hey! At least, they are using -- at least they are emphasizing them these days. Not long ago, I mean they are babies, he is not going to complaint, he is not filing a suit, so who cares if it hurts. Jennifer: Yeah, they finally acknowledged that yes, it probably does hurt, so we are going to numb it a little bit. Dan: And ask them about what, what's have been 70-80 years now, it has been accepted by the medical community that women can enjoy sex. I am not making this up, it is really, really sad. Jennifer: Okay that a different topic but -- Dan: But equally stupid. Jennifer: I am a little extreme, okay. I probably fall outside the bell-curve on this one. But I don't think that that child -- when that child is old enough to ask, do you want to be circumcised, then you can do it? Just like I see all these women and I have two daughters so I can say this if they pierce that little baby's ears and they look so cute, but you know what, that hurt. Dan: Piercing, accessorize your purse. I am sorry you shouldn't be piercing your child. This is a living breathing human being; they should be making their own decisions. Jennifer: When that child is old enough to say yes, I want to poke a hole in my ear, I want to cut the end of my penis off, let them make their decision. Dan: Mommy, can I get my pee-pee trimmed, and mommy can I get my ears pierced? Then you'd rather say it, but otherwise you are pushing your own beliefs and assumptions and ideals on a person that has no other choice about it, and we are asking you, is it right? Jennifer: Yeah, just question, that's all we are asking. Dan: Keeping up in mind. Jennifer: Do your research make an intelligent, informed decision. Don't do it just because -- and yeah, you see how we feel about it, but if it's something you feel strongly about, if there are religious beliefs and it's something you feel that you need to do, fine, then do it. But think about it first. Dan: Be smart, be informative and keep an open mind. 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