The Truth About Christmas Food Calories
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In this weeks Made Fit TV episode, I give you an eye-opener about your favorite Christmas treats. From egg nog to candy canes, I show you what a portion is, how many calories in that portion, and what you would have to do to burn off the calories you ate. So before you eat all of Santa's cookies your kids put out, you may want to watch this and reconsider!


Jennifer DiDonato: Hello and welcome to Made Fit TV, I’m your host Jennifer DiDonato and this is episode Number 75. Made Fit TV everyone source for health and fitness information and entertainment all the way from beginners to you know athletes, any can benefit and to fit your body’s don’t just happen, don’t just happen overnight they’re made but you can make it, anyone can do it. But I just allow a little bit of assistance and all of the tips to help you do that. So thanks so much for joining us here on Made Fit TV, I just want to say thank you to all the you string out there who are joining us every Saturday diligently at noon, it’s great I get to shot live with you guys so you guys who want to joining in half end because if you seen us on Wednesday you can also see us on Saturdays as well to get nice pick and talk with me live. So, today’s episode is its Christmas and I know everyone celebrate Christmas, we have Hanika we have other you know holidays that I want to recognize but I think with Christmas the killer foods, oh my gosh you know they gets bad. So, I know for a lot of people it’s time here, it’s well but this episode is the truth about Christmas food, calories. So, I’d picked standard foods that you may see the typical spot when you go to a holiday party you have you know you got your candy canes, you nasty fruit cake which will get to the moment, the egg nogg. Who the heck even eat, I don’t even know. Well anyway, the cookies, the hot chocolate we got it all here so I want to break it down for you. What you have to do A what the serving is and B what you would actually have to do to burn off one serving of these items okay so it’s pretty interesting. Alright, first thing we are going to do, hot chocolate right over here. Get that hot chocolate, it’s about 68 ounces you can mix it water, a little bit of skim milk that would increase the calories but roughly your average hot chocolate is about 150 calories okay. 150 calories so what would you have to do to burn a 150 calories? It’s pretty simple, dance. Dance for half and hour okay that’s pretty you can go on this parties having dancing anyway so I would say the hot chocolate isn’t such bad thing because you will be dancing and you are dancing as fun so to burn off just that 150 calories it would take about that. Of course there are other things you could do but you know being creative dance for half and hour. Okay, the next thing egg nogg, okay this is pretty interesting. Alright because everyone thinks hey have you eve the eggnog, oh give me seconds this is so good. Alright see I bought this and this is not alcohol, just the typical egg nogg. Its 90 calories per serving but what is the serving you ask? You find think off, this small glass right? I’m just going to fill up and I want to slum it and we are going to have a good time. Alright one serving of egg nogg is best folks. Okay, that’s the serving of egg nogg now how many people do you know are just going to drink this? Now this alcoholic, I could think yes, sure you just kind to sip it throughout the evening but I’m sure chances are a lot of you are going to be drinking about twice those or three times this I mean. Alright so for these 90 calories and just to check the fat, 2 grams of fat not too bad 15 grams of sugar. But in order to burn just four ounces of this egg nogg you would have to do 10-15 minutes of jumping jacks. Now if any the guys call my boot camps so I make to do jumping jacks your actually screen the next day. So, I mean if you prefer jumping jacks and you just got up in the morning and do you know ten of them in one day you just end yourself four ounces of egg nogg. But if you want to have two servings of egg nogg got to do about 20 minutes to half hour jumping jacks and if you add and alcohol I’m sure you have to do about 45 minutes of jumping jacks so that’s not fun for everyone. I wouldn’t recommend it because that was kind a hurt alright awesome. So, moving on to the next thing, Christmas cookies okay, Christmas cookies can varying you know. We got this awesome little got I want in the store, just going to open up okay you think on cookies yeah I can afford five of those no problem okay. I’m going to show you the serving a Christmas cookies okay, one, we got two and that’s it okay. Two Christmas cookies that’s what I’m looking at for. One serving, this is a 170 calories so basically what is that 85 calories for this. Okay I could sneeze this, this is nothing okay. I don’t know, I did very angry because I want to eat more obviously we are would but to burn the Christmas cookies right here you would have to do, you have to swim 25 yards per minute. Okay what is that 25 yards per minute, will basically you are swimming the length on a football field. That’s what you would have to do, and not just once, not just twice you will have to swim the length on the foodball field seven times to burn this two little cookies okay. Put them in prospective, so you know if you want 170 calories you might want to eat as something as little bit more substantial and something that will actually work for your body versus against it. And then the chicken breast has so much protein and to way like it’s like 140 calories versus 170 of these cookies, kind a mix of thing that I’m seeing. Alright, the next thing we got, this is on the football, and this is on a break it’s for cake. Oh god its smell like plastic, okay probably because there is a plastic over and I’m just going to remove this. Alright, one serving of this is 440 calories and you are thinking for 440 right. Yeah okay so you probably eat more than half of it the whole thing. Okay check it out, 440 calories of this fruitcake right here is a little more than a third of this cake so basically you are looking at here you go. Here you go enjoy your 440 calories of fruitcake everybody, okay this descanting I just have to say it, that just gross. Yeah this— you would have to do I mean this is insane, you would have to run about an hour, what is this here 50 grams of sugar in this little piece, I quit okay. Five to six miles you would have to run to burn this, basically you would have to run the length of the golden gate bridge six times okay, six times just to burn this piece of fruitcake. It’s not worth that, I don’t know many people would want to eat this or even use this as a doorstop but apparently it’s being sold and people are eating it. So, just think about it before you actually in just it because I mean who really wants to run five to six miles. I do but I want to exceed the deficit, I don’t want to have to eat that, that’s the punishment not to running this is the punishment oh this is descanting. Okay, so now we have our food about ourselves about the fruitcake, let’s feel better ourselves. Okay, we have candy canes, candy canes you think okay candy canes are all made of sugar. I hand are so sticky right now from that fruitcake, but I have 20 grams of sugar on my hands just from touching it. Okay, now the candy cane with 55 calories so I would say if you are looking for something that you kind want to enjoy, the candy cane should be fine because you only have 55 calories in this. So, basically 55 calories to burn is pretty simple, you can put in prospective. If you bringing up the tree up on the basement, you turning a tree you basically burn a candy cane. I bet you are burning about 3 candy canes by turning a tree, depending on how big it is. So, that would be kind of the calorie you know comparison to a candy cane. 14 grams and 11 grams of sugar not too bad so you can put a little treat for Christmas this is in the worst. Now, if you are eating the entire box, or your eating one every time you pass by your coworkers desk along Christmas time then you have some issues. Okay but I use to put some prospective so I hope you guys at least enjoyed some of this you know putting in the prospective. I want you feed bad about yourself Chris want me to call for this episode, Jennie ruins Christmas for everybody. Okay, that’s what he is in thought that I was join but that’s not the case I just want to put a prospective because you are going to a lot of events and you are going to seeing a lot of foods and I don’t know about that but you might be seeing a lot of this foods. So, just put in prospective, making sure that your you know you can eat that cookie or eat two cookies just making sure that you still know what your are eating. Be aware of it, not I’m saying stay away from it but just be aware with it, that’s being responsible and then you will know what’s going on with why I’m not losing weight or why you are losing weight. So, just want to keep everyone, that’s what I’m trying to do so thanks so much for joining us today you guys, follow me on twitter I’m Jennie DiDonato, follow me on facebook I’m Jennie DiDonato there as well and also join my fun page on facebook. I’m Jennifer DiDonato in this My Fit TV, it’s the fun page join that as well. Also on iTunes, just want to think all of you who are rating as and reviewing us on iTunes, it’s really convenient a lot of people like it because you can just pop it on to your iPod just upload it and you will actually update you know every week because we do it on Wednesdays so go to subscribe to this podcast as well, you can even email at the ask Jennie button or so thanks so much for joining us, have a great holiday season. I’ll be seeing you next week but in the meantime so with Matt okay. Chris dares me to try this, I’m going to try it, and I’ll do that okay.