The Tire Push and Pull Football Drill
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The Tire Push/Pull drill is a combination drill that incorporates both conditioning and technique work.


Coach Matt Stern: Hi and welcome to Football Done Right. Interacting coaching website done for coaches by coaches. My name is Coach Matt Stern. In today's lesson we are going to be going over a tyre push with a progression in to a push pull drill rib and re direct to the foot ball. This two was good, because it creates power to the drive when they are trying to reestablish one is come with you. Players will be positioned between a 5 yard incumbent, with a tyre in between them, players going to be down in a 3 points stance, modify 3 points stands with the hands on either side of the tyre. When I say go player 1 is going to drive off, pushing the tyre with in a 5 yard incumbent, I mean you are either right or left, when I'm in a right, so they are going to push with their right hand pull with their left hand turning the tyre and their body, continuing through ripping through with the left arm and redirecting and running to the football. Player1 will drive it to the end; player 2 will drive it back, Player 1 ready? Set, go, right. Player 2 ready set, go left. Player 1 ready, set go, left. Good Player 2 ready set go right. Good, as you can see player use their legs to drive the tyre down the field. Its also a reaction job, when you here the queue and they either go to the push pull with right or their left, continuing to rip off, and redirect to the football, for more information on this drill just as like this , please visit our website at Or email me