The Secret to Prevent You From Binging
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When we purposely avoid food the day of (or days leading up to) a "bad" meal, we train our metabolism to temporarily slow down. The more frequently this happens, the more likely it will add up as excess fat. That's why in this week's Made Fit TV episode, I explain why it's good to eat when you want to be a little naughty with your nutrition. I show you certain foods that work for your body (and not against it), allowing you to have your cake and eat it, too!


Hello and welcome to Made Fit TV. I'm your host Jennifer DiDonato and this is Episode number 73. Made Fit TV is everyone source for help them fitness information and entertainment into what their bodies don’t just happen, they are made and you can make it. It’s in your hands with the help of myself. So welcome to Made Fit TV, want to thank all the 0:32 streamers for joining us live every Saturday at 12:00 noon Eastern Center Time, we string live and you get a sneak peak at the spud cast before we put it out on the inter webs on Wednesday’s. So thanks so much and I also answer all of your questions so you don’t have to wait for an e-mail, apologize we’ll soon e-mail’s lately just been really busy. But welcome to the show. Right now, look at all the food surrounding me. Today is the secret—let me tell you the secret to prevent you from binge eating. Obviously, thanksgiving is coming up and if you watch this on Wednesday’s, tomorrow, but and also you know the Christmas, Hanukkah, all those holidays are coming up cash, New Years eve fold but that’s going to be—Valentines day is like the events never end. It’s a constant; you know you have birthday parties. I know every other weekend we have a birthday party to go to for family member and it’s hard. Because you’re outside for comfort zone, you’re surrounded by foods that you don’t necessarily have control over because you didn’t make everything, you’ve just showed up. So today is going to be the secret to preventing yourself from binging and when talking about thanksgiving, there is this common myth or this common practice that everyone seems to do. I use to be this way as well years ago is you think, “Oh I’m going out with the girlfriends tonight.” Or “Oh”, you know “We’re going to Aunt Susie’s for thanksgiving, she has the best food ever. I am going to save myself—save myself all the day long, not eat a thing so I can save all my calories and eat at the end of the day.” When that is probably the number one best way to expand your waistline and the reason why that is, is food is good for us. I don’t know if you know that. Everyone seems to forget the food is good for us. We need food to sustain us to live. Okay, has nutrients and its good for us. So when we keep ourselves from eating food when you wake up in the morning, breakfast, when you have lunch, if you withhold that from your body, your body’s reaction is its going to purposely withhold the calories because it can’t go on without using those calories. And I’m not saying that your body’s going to immediately going to start maybe in starvation mode, its going to you know, eat up all your muscle and its going to make you fat, it’s overtime. If you have those habits and you’ve been doing it for month’s maybe even years, that contributes to the expanding waistline that contributes to your fat gain because you’re not having a consistent eating plan. So what you want to do is make sure you’re getting enough fiber. Fiber is key because fiber is what moves things along, it’s healthy it lowers your cholesterol. It is something that’s within healthy carbohydrates will get you in a moment that is good for your heart, heart healthy, good for your digestive tract and the reason why it keeps you full for longer is because it takes harder for your body to break down because it’s grabbing all the nutrients from it. When you’re eating those process carbohydrates or those simple carbohydrates, they’re locking the fiber which means that they are going to break down much quicker and then they’re going to stores fat if you’re not using it properly or they’re not necessarily going to store as fat but your going to burn it but you’re not going to be burning fast. So you want to sure eating the foods that are going to encourage that healthy weight maintenance. Okay, so talking about fiber, a lot of times people are only eating maybe 7 grams a day. You know you think fiber how do I even know that? You should be eating about 25 to 30 grams of fiber a day. So I’m going to show you some foods that are really high in fiber. We have brown rice; we have whole grain or five grain or nine grain bread, broccoli, any type of vegetables. Any type of fibers vegetable, greens, you have bananas, apples, getting your fibers. So the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning, let’s say for thanksgiving is you want to get in a good workout in at least 30 minutes and get a healthy breakfast. Another thing that’s really high fiber would be the potatoes as well and you also have oats. Oats are super and you can combine it with a little bit of honey, put in some of this chocolate powder because it’s only what, like 10 calories for two—for a tablespoon and hardly any fat versus adding actually chocolate in there. So it’s a great way to incorporate even popcorn you guys, popcorn. Popcorn is high in fiber so it’s going to fill you up for longer. It’s going to satisfy you so it’s going to prevent you from your blood sugar dropping and prevent you from binging when you go to that event. Another way that you can prevent yourself from binge eating is incorporating the protein. Protein is the key. Protein in fiber are what fill you up, hold you for longer, they’re working for your body not against it and in that way you’re able to enjoy the food you want to enjoy. Now if you want to know how much protein roughly it’s about anywhere from 50 to 80% of your weight in kilograms is how much grams you should eat. I know it’s sounds confusing but if you want to know specifics, check out my episode number 53 on that’ll give you the answer because I went over an entire math problem to tell you exactly how many grams of protein you need base on your weight. So check that one out. But with protein, protein breaks down more slower just like fiber as well but protein is the building blocks for your muscles. Protein helps you repair, grow, and basically maintain your metabolism. If you’re not getting enough protein in your daily diet and you're daily nutrition, your metabolism may suffer from it. So because your eating anyway 6:00 high protein foods. You have some easy to eat things like a protein shake. I’d love these things, a protein bar, you have some peanut butters, got the healthy fats in there as well, and even beef jerky. I know some people don’t eat beef jerky, you know maybe a little high in sodium and some of them have nitrates. So if you want maybe you stick with the organic but if you feel like you’re not eating at all the time and that’s not going to do damage to you, go ahead and just eat the regular you know. Everything in moderation like I say, but beef jerky is a great way to get in your protein. And you want to eat your breakfast, you want to eat your lunch because then when it comes to that delicious savory, scrumptious dinner you guys, your not going to feel like your starving and your going to be able to have little bit of everything and almost grace throughout that dinner and of course have a piece of cake or have a cookie because you’re already are training your body to rave that metabolism. When you allow those healthy calories from healthy sources into your body frequently throughout the day, that’s going to encourage your metabolism to frequently burn faster because you’re basically putting the fuel in. So when you put the fuel in, it’s going to burn the energy out and that is what you want, that’s the key. So all these foods right here, number one they taste good, that’s the best part. You don’t know how to eat, you know nasty low sodium rice cake, you can have you know this white shutter flavored or maybe a carb one here and there, but keep in moderation. All these foods, they’re powerful foods; they contain great nutritious value to them. It’s just—and you can make so many great recipes with them eggs, forget about the egg, egg whites you guys has the top quality of protein that you can get is in eggs and egg white specially. So I hope this gives you some idea of what to eat, what kind of meals to put together on those days. Everyday I want you to do this but if your straggling and you know that your just going to binge later on, really go to my website, click on this episode to remind you of what you should be eating and know that this is the best thing for you to do because its going to work for you in a long run, I guarantee it. So e-mail me at, comment on the bottom of this as well on because I like to hear from you. I do this for you guys and if I’m not getting a feedback from you then what purpose is it. I always get feedback and I love it. Negative, positive, anything, send it my way, I can take it and I’m going to respond right back to you. And also you can catch us on iTunes, go ahead and rate our broadcast as well. We want to hear it from you. You can rate on iTunes. You can also catch me on Facebook, I’m Jenny DiDonato,, I’m on Twitter at Jenny DiDonato. Loves to keep in touch with everyone. We’re also on iTunes, we’re on 8:38 has been awesome to us; is been awesome to us. Everyone is just been so great in allowing us to get this information out to you. So I just want to thank you so much for joining us. Everyone has been awesome holiday. Just get out there, get you know even if its 15 minutes in your family room, get some exercise in that morning because you’re going to love it, all right. Have a good one; I’ll see you next time.