The Pregnancy Show - When To Tell People That You're Pregnant
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Get advice about when to tell people you are pregnant. Hear the debate about who should know and when.


Nina: We have been talking about Kendall: We are back. Nina: Oh! Yes we are back, I think that's obvious. Kendall: We are back. Nina: Okay we have been talking about when you tell your boss you are pregnant, but let's just get down to some brasstech when do you tell your pregnant period to people. Well I don't know if though I was going to say other people but the truth is one woman says here Murry I don't even know how to tell my husband, well if he was there it shouldn't be that hard, if he wasn't there I don't blame you, it would be very hard to explain to him that you are pregnant. He is 8 years older than me, and has a 17 year old, then he knows how it's done. No protection the usual interaction often leads to this result, I had my youngest when I was 21 and he is almost 11 and my -- no, no you want to have babies. You are okay with that. Kendall: I am sure they want to have kids. Nina: Are we really-really upto doing this over again its one way to think about it you are doing it again. You should tell someone. Well I think in terms of your husband, I don't know. Kendall: Isn't he the one who would decide it, wouldn't they want to have another child. Nina: If not well it's too late anyways he is having one he will need as much time as possible to get his mind around this. Kendall: Well this would their first baby together because he has got a 17 years old from another marriage it sounds and she has one as well so this -- he she and their. Nina: But she is youngest she has some anyway I see the husband has being a key person on the list of people to tell. Kendall: Yeah okay so here we have one from our Michelle Harper, she told her few close friends when she was pregnant but no family, she had a miscarriage last couple of months ago and this time she wants to wait until she hears the first heartbeat. Very smart, because a lot of times these pregnancies I am telling you they are not viable and if something that goes wrong. Nina: They say the 75% above women miscarry at least once Kendall: And some women don't even know they are miscarrying, their period is late and they think it's just a period that's late and that is a miscarriage especially when you have lot of clots. Nina: Oh! I had a pregnancy that I didn't know I was pregnant until the day I wasn't pregnant. Kendall: Doctor told me yeah those are pregnancies and they are not viable, so do not tell people really until you have seen a doctor but what does she is saying here, it was a lot easier time now as pregnant than telling them I had miscarry. Nina: I hear your sister. Kendall: Yeah people give a lot of advice of when to tell but I think it goes back what's most comfortable for you. So now the husband is very excited but they are trying to keep their secrets. Nina: But at least your husband knows. No they are sure, they have each other to talk to, they can go home discuss it in a corner, jump for joy and then walk off the door like -- Kendall: is that she already had a miscarriage, so that was her first experience and now she is finally pregnant again. So you know what keep your fingers crossed don't tell anybody until the 3 months is over. Nina: And enjoy the secret between the two of you, because no body really cares as much as the two of you. So you are with the person who is most excited with that. Kendall: Do all your test, do all your ultrasounds, do your protein test etc and then you will fine okay. Nina: Okay now Lincy also she and her husband have told just about everybody she is 8 weeks, she is a little enthusiastic except the co workers, her boss knows but I am waiting to tell the people at work till the 12 week, I don't know why but I feel I should wait. Kendall: You should wait definitely wait until 3 months and that's very true about all pregnancies 3 months is really, once you have pass a 3 months you are pretty much okay. Nina: God willing you are getting Holy here, but we hope that that's the case but I think 3 months in most incidence going to go wrong have gone wrong, look there is always those exceptions but let's not think about those things. Kendall: Okay we will be right back. Nina: Cool your jets a little bit, we will see you soon.