The Pregnancy Show - Traveling With Kids, Part 2
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Watch as our two resident moms debate the issue: how soon is too soon to travel with your baby?


Kendall: Hello! We're back. Nina: Hi! Kendall: In the last show we had Italian accents, today we're don't. Okay, now before we get started we wanted to say if you have any questions about pregnancy and babies and you need some advice, I mean we all need advice, write us and we'll do what we can to help you out at the Nina has six children and look at her. She actually gave birth to them all. I mean she can just steal them off this train. Nina: Thank you. You've got four yourself. Kendall: I have four. However, we'll do what we can and if not we'll send you off with our best wishes. Now, what are we talking about? Nina: Between the two of us we've 10 kids so we've got a lot of information together. Kendall: That's very impressive. It sounds very impressive. Nina: It's great, isn't it? Kendall: I don't like any of mine; no I'm just joking. Okay, Abby says what is the earliest you can travel abroad with a new born. I've done this. Everyone, I was just wondering what is the earliest you can travel with the new born, as my family is abroad and would like to see my baby. I have got to tell you a story. Before I had my first child and I really thought oh, you give birth to get on with your life, I said to my parents who lived a plane ride away, I'm going to wait till he is a week or two old, and now I'm just - we will pop out of plane and visit you and my mother would just stand there laughing her head off. Nina: She didn't believe you, impossible. Kendall: Well, now I know why she was laughing her head off. It's just not so easy. Nina: Not possible. Kendall: No it's not. Nina: Not so easy. Kendall: I have taken my children across the Continental U.S. I have taken them to Europe. Nina: I travel -- two weeks for me is a lot better. Kendall: Well, you lived everywhere. Nina: I've lived everywhere. Kendall: Two weeks I travel. I traveled in two weeks. We've traveled in two weeks. We left Los Angeles, we went to Miami for a visit and yes you have a symphysiotomy and yes you're bleeding but everything subsides. On a daily basis, the pain of everything subsides. Kendall: Yeah, but I was neurotic. I traveled with my first child of three months packed him in the car, drove from Toronto to New York City. I was wreck. Nina: But driving trips, the infants are magnificent because the rocking motion of the vehicle rocks them to sleep and that's a wonderful time to travel. Kendall: Fine for the infant, but what about the mother? Nina: Mother should be fine. The mother could rest while the baby is resting and the husband is driving. I think traveling with an infant on a large -- we used to travel from Toronto to Miami and that's a 26 hour trip. We would stop; we had three babies at that time. They were two, one and a new born and I found that if you occupy them and you give them little things that they can play with, the babies are best. The baby would sleep through everything and not cry and just wake up to feed, and the rocking motion; as soon as the car would stop, we'd stop for gas, that baby would wake up like that. Kendall: Oh, you know what we did. We drove from Toronto to Chicago and around Detroit, things got a little tricky. So we stopped the car. We had one new born and two toddlers and put everybody in snowsuits and they went out to play and throw snow balls for a while and that burned off steam and then they would get asleep. Nina: And that's great. That's good for you also. You have got to get your exercise when you are traveling along with them. Kendall: I don't know. Why would you want -- alright, your parents want to see the baby, couldn't your parents come to you? It seems so obvious. Nina: That's true. But the truth is you are right about the germs because when you travel by plane the plane is -- Kendall: Well, the plane is a danger, because it's sealed. Nina: It's sealed. There is no fresh air in there and that's dangerous travel for the young child. I would suggest just stay on for few weeks or months until you do - Kendall: Six months, wouldn't that be terrible? Nina: No, six month is a long time. Kendall: You could take a video camera and take out and when you look at them, they look -- a webcam. Nina: Webcam, get a webcam and do it on the internet but they want to hold that baby, come on. They want to hold him. Kendall: They will hold him in six months. I don't know, I don't know, I am not a trooper. Nina is a trooper. Nina: Yeah, I love to travel, I love to go, so why not? Kendall: I do not like to travel, I do not like to go, and I do not like being contained with people - Nina: We are so different Kendall. But I love traveling and if I have the baby I don't let the baby stop me. I have three kids under the age of two. I have a two year old and a one year old and a baby. And it was easier because they were all in diapers. They are all on baby -- they all had bottles and we just took every diaper of every size tossed in the bag and just go. Don't let it stop you. Kendall: Okay. So she has gotten a cooler attitude. Nina: We have the dodge - twin seats and we just popped them in there and then we had the baby in the car seat in the back. It was fine. Kendall: So there you go two different opinions. Nina: It can be done. Kendall: It maybe able to be done. Nina: It can be done. Don't listen to her. It can and it will. It's all in your head, it's all in your head. We'll be right back.