The Pregnancy Show - Traveling With Kids, Part 1
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Our resident moms give advice on how to keep your baby safe and happy in his car seat and tell you what to do if your child is continuously trying to escape from the safety of his car seat.


Nina: Okay, here is the question that we just answered online. What do you think? Okay, let's have this question. My toddler knows how to undo the car seat and get out. Kendall: I have one of those toddlers. Nina: So did mine. Kendall: I had a toddler who cried like a banshee from Detroit to the outskirts of Chicago getting out of the car seat. Nina: Unless you have an older child, physically putting that child back into the seat every single time, but you know what you can do to keep your child interested, some car seats come with toys that the kid can play with, and as they are sitting in the car, there is even a little place that they can put cheerios inside of in, keep your child occupied or else invest in one of those mini vans that have a TV in the front and your child is not going anywhere honey if he is watching TV up there. Kendall: I was going to say somebody said take the child by the police station and have the police officer come explain it. I don't think that way. No not just that. Toddlers, how old are toddlers 2-3? Nina: They don't even know what a policeman is at that age. They have no idea what that means. Kendall: And they have fear of authority other than their own parents. Nina: Right. No, that's not the age to do that. What I'd say occupy the child, get something, get a book, get squeezy toys that make noise. Kendall: Music, play CDs in the car. Nina: Yeah one of those little - you know they sell these little phones at the Dollar Store for a buck that makes noise. You put in the couple of that and as you press any thing and it makes noise, A, B, C or one of those talking toys that you press from Frisher-Price playschool, those are great. Kendall: The other thing is you have to wait for the opportunity where you somebody with a broken leg or something bad and you go look, that's what happens to kids who get out of their car seats. Nina: Yeah. Or call the car seat manufacturer and find out if there is a way that perhaps they can suggest you that you can keep that child and without him having to undo the bind of the car seat. That's full proof. Kendall: Last resort, never take your child anywhere. Never, ever. Nina: That's right, stay home,. Don't go on a trip. Kendall: Come out again when they are about 15. We'll see you then. Nina: Yeah. Well, that's extreme. Kendall: It is strange but that's a solution. Now, Peyton's mama 06. She became Peyton's mama in 06 or she is her sixth mama? And should they go to the barbeque that - oh, Miranda is having a barbeque with all the family and she wants me to bring the baby, her aunt wants it. She would love to go, but the baby, there is going to be tons of kids. Nina: From the ages of eight months. Kendall: Eight months and up, oops germs. Alright I was very neurotic. I didn't let anybody breathe on my children. They needed a completely cleaned development until my children had had their first needles that two bucks for seven needles or two months and after four months when they had their second set of needles, I was like giving, I was like getting more laid back. I didn't got anybody breathe on my children. Nina: That didn't bother me. I went everywhere wit kids. Yeah, two different people. Kendall: Today I see people everywhere. Well, we have a friend who took her child out on a backpacking trip the day after. Nina: Two days after. Kendall: That's not me. So there you go; two different opinions. So far so good, we still have all the children we started out with. Nina: They were fine. They got colds; they could have gotten the hormones, if your kid is coming home sick from school. Kendall: I did not allow anybody to breathe on my children. Breathing was allowed near my children. So there you go. But hold on second. She has a second thing; I don't want everyone and their mother passing around the baby. Nina: Well, yes I agree. Kendall: Third, I just had a baby I had an episiotomy that hurts and still bleedy. Oh! I don't want to do anything, I don't want anything to go wrong with my health and then I'd be able to take care of her. Alright, so the whole - Nina: So if you just had a baby and you hadn't an episiotomy, Kendall, again I am telling my story about my episiotomy. I'm going to tell real quickly. So my first child, the doctor was in another room delivering a C-section baby and she wasn't around to take care of me. So I was delivering the baby and apparently he was crowning. The baby was coming and there was no stopping that child. So the nurses looked at me and oh! My God you ripped, you ripped and there was a huge jagged tear and in any event the doctor came on eventually and stitched me up, 45 stitches and eventually they realized after hemorrhaging a lot that they had forgotten some gauge inside after the stitches were done. So again they undid all the stitches. Are you okay? Take a deep breathe. So we undid the stitches, we remove the gauge, we stitch me back up again and I went back to my room and I laid there I have never had so much pain all my life. But thank God for Carmelina, my Italian women next to me who just had a baby. She had just had a baby maybe an hour prior to me. She was strong and she was great. I'm sitting there whimpering like a wounded animal on the bed. I didn't know what to do. The pain was so horrible. She said to me Nina, don't worry. I'm Carmelina. I'm here to help you. I'm going to take you to the bathroom and put you in the sitz bath so don't you worry. She carried, she scooped me up. I was 95 pounds when I delivered, well, I was 120. Kendall: Is this a movie scene? Nina: She picked me up and she took care of me for seven days. God bless you Carmelina. She was wonderful. She took care of me. God bless, but when you have an episiotomy that's still bleeding and it hurts, don't worry. Don't stay home and don't go on to the barbeque. Nina: Take a sitz bath. Kendall: Stay home and take a -- yes exactly. Carmelina you're the best baby, rock on, 25 years later, I still love here and remember her and thank you very much. Kendall: And she is back in working order. Good job, Carmelina. Nina: I'm okay. I'm here to tell the story. We'll be right back.