The Pregnancy Show - Telling Your Boss You're Pregnant, Part 2
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Get advice on how to break the news of your pregnancy to your boss. Is there any easy way to break the news?


Nina: Okay, guys, we are back, we are talking about, when to tell your boss the good news, when bad news, according to him perhaps. And here is one from Christie, she wants to tell us, how hard it's break the news to your boss. So she says you, just to anyone who needs advice, about how to break the news to an employer. I have only been with the company for a month and I signed the job offer before I know I was pregnant, a month before I started. I have now just finished my first trimester to the day, I want to tell them soon, any need thoughts. That's a problem. Kendall: Oh! Gosh, I do not envy that woman, there's no neat way out of this. Nina: Everything all has just happened at once, the job, the pregnancy. Kendall: But also depending on where she lives, if you haven't been in a job for a certain amount of time. Nina: Three months usually. Kendall: You don't even have any benefits. Nina: Yeah, this is a tough thing. I don't think that she should break the news just yet. Let her stay at work, Christie stay at work. Prove yourself woman. Show them they cannot live without you and once you've proved your stripes and they love you to death, three months on the roll. Kendall: Three month on the floor, just give birth on the floor. Nina: But you don't know that she is new. Kendall: I know. Nina: And if they want to fire her and get rid of her, they might, they can. Kendall: But the problem is, it takes you a good six or seven months to get your feet on the ground in the new job. Nina: I don't think she should tell them anything about it just yet. Kendall: I agree with you but -- Nina: She should say the personal reasons also, she doesn't want to tell anybody because sometimes pregnancies are not viable before three months. Kendall: Well, that's true, but we do hope it goes well, but nonetheless. Nina: No, don't say anything right now. Just keep working at your job and you'll probably not show for the first trimester anyway so don't worry about that. Kendall: Now hold on. So we have Lily. -- Yeah alright, just so it doesn't fall out. Nina: That's what Karen told them in the first place. Kendall: So Lily Tan has a question about telling her - she's afraid to tell her employer. I don't plan to tell my employer about my pregnancy until after my first doctor's appointment. Nina: Good idea. Kendall: Why. Nina: And I will tell you story about that. Kendall: Okay. Nina: Yeah. Kendall: And I am really scare to tell my boss as we already have one pregnant woman in our department. Nina: Pregnant. Kendall: Well, that's okay. Nina: That's okay. It's not -- you know people think oh! My God, the pregnancy -- Kendall: This case, even more colorful though. She is not married yet and this was not a planned pregnancy. Okay, skip all that. I just wouldn't mention all of that. That's really nobody's business. Okay! Nina: Does she have a boyfriend or she have -- Kendall: If she is a grown up then - she is 28. Nina: She is 28, so she is a grown up. And her significant other is 37. Kendall: Her significant other is 37. Okay! Well. Nina: So that you are planning to get married it's fine. Kendall: Alright! If that mean, if you're 12, this would be more problematic, but you would never job probably. Nina: But what she did mention there is she is not going to tell the doctor until after first doctor until after first doctor's appointment and that's very advisable, because I will tell you a quick story. When I was pregnant with my sixth child, I went for the doctor's visit and I think that was great and ultrasound was great and so forth, until I took the alpha beta protein test which is a blood test taken approximately around 6-16 weeks to determine if there's any mental retardation or down syndrome baby in any event. So the doctor comes back after I have the test and he says to me you're at very high risk for down syndrome baby and you should really check it out, maybe you want to terminate the pregnancy. So we scheduled amniocentesis and for four weeks I bit my tongue, I was a nervous and it was very, very traumatic. But in the end it turned out that my baby was not at high risk for down syndrome, it was not down syndrome at all, beautiful healthy baby girl. However, I took the alpha beta protein test too late which then changed the whole outlook and aspect of that test. Kendall: So, but don't run to tell them in the same breath, obviously you'll have to tell them somewhere before about six or seven months, that would be screamingly as --- whether you're married or not when you're twenty seven in my mind, it has nothing to do with anything. Nina: Right. Okay. Good luck. Kendall: We'll be back.