The Pregnancy Show - Teen Pregnancy, Part 3
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Becoming a mom at any age is a trying and difficult experience. Hear about the unique problems of being a teenage mom and get advice on how to cope.


Kendell: Hello we're back and we're still talking about teen pregnancy. You know most subjects we don't, we don't talk about this long. But frankly there is so much information here and this is really getting us where we live. So we're going to continue. Now this one Emily Elizabeth says. Nina: We're parents and we know the ramifications. The seriousness of being a parent and we know that this for us as adults to deal with being a parent. Kendell: I didn't become a parent till I was 34. I mean you were a baby. Nina: And I was 20 but... Kendell: And I got to tell you, and I was ready and I was stable... Nina: And still you were scared! Kendell: And I wanted that baby so badly and he was delicious. And I say to him now that you're older what happened to that fabulous baby. However, that said, I didn't know Dave from night. Everytime my husband left for work, I had a heart-attack I was alone with the baby. It was horrifying, it's big stuff! I was 34! Nina: It's big stuff, and at any age it's a scary thing. Kendell: Ok so let's go back to Emily Elizabeth. She just found out that she is pregnant, she is 17 and she is a little frightened. Nina: A little! Kendell: Okay, I don't know how to break this to my parents because she is catholic. Alright! Let's forget the rules of Catholicism, you've already skipped that, that's done. Nina: Her parents are going to be heart broken Kendell: They're going to be heart broken! Nina: Either way! Whether they're catholic or non-catholic, any parent being told this kind of news is going to be horrible. It's normal. Kendell: You have to tell your parents. Nina: They have to guide you through this because right now you've hormones raising through your body. Kendell: Well she says she is worried about what's going to happen during the next 8 months. A lot is going to happen. First you have to go to your parents. Nina: They will help you guide you through this. You need help, you cannot do this alone which brings me back to another topic, I was watching Oprah the other day and she had an incredible-incredible show. I sat there peeling potatoes, crying and crying in the kitchen. Such a serious show about kids who were pregnant. Two kids! A boy and a girl got pregnant, they decided not to tell their parents, his parents or her parents. And they went ahead with the pregnancy. She just wore looser clothing and believe it or not, she was a cheer leader and she had to carry on but she did not show. Nobody knew, nobody suspected, very unusual. She carried until the last day. She got cramps, she called her mother and she spoke to her mother, just pick me up from school and the mother brought her home. The mother was in the kitchen! She was in her bedroom when the cramps got so severe. She went to the bathroom and she delivered the baby by herself. Her boyfriend wasn't even there. And she proceeded after she had the baby, she didn't know. She claimed, she thinks that the baby was dead. We don't know. She said the baby wasn't breathing. She ended up killing her baby with a kitchen knife, she stabbed the baby numerous times and then her boy -- she called her boyfriend and then they took the baby, wrapped up the baby in a towel, in a garbage bag and they dumped the baby somewhere. The baby was eventually found, or not found but they eventually admitted to this, many-many years latter and now she is doing time in prison. She is serving about a 6 year sentence. Kendell: So the whole thing has been totally complicated. Haven't she told her parents? Nina: Okay, so again! Now you're talking about this girl who is catholic and she is scared to tell her parents. She wasn't a catholic girl, she didn't tell her parents because of the shame, she was a straight A student, she was one of these all American blond beautiful girls with every thing going for her bright. She had her whole future mapped out ahead of her, she could have gone... Kendell: And now she is in jail. Nina: Now she is in jail with a jail record. Kendell: She killed a baby! Nina: She killed, she murdered a child! Kendell: Or allegedly killed. I don't know, I didn't see the story! Nina: So the problem is here, when you're in a situation like this and you're dealing with your boyfriend, he is young too. He cannot guide, he cannot tell you what to do. You must go to an adult. Anybody you trust. Kendell: An adult you trust if not your parents. Nina: Someone in school, a teacher that you love, a guidance counselor, an aunt, somebody you're really close to, a girlfriend's mother that you're close to if it's not your own mother, regardless, you stick to the dub, a child is dead up to -- how many lives are ruined. The parents of this girl, the parents of the boy -- she is not with this boy anymore. Kendell: No surprise! Nina: She is not with this boy! Kendell: Most 16 year olds don't stay together. Nina: So guys if you're going to have a baby, don't so it in the bathroom alone and don't, god forbid, hurt that baby. Take that baby -- now there are some states that have these laws that you can go in and just no questions asked, give in the baby to the fire station, to the hospital, to the police station. They don't even ask the name. Kendell: There are people who want these babies. Nina: They should pass that law in every state. Kendell: There are people who're spending thousands of dollars running around the world looking for babies. This was probably a healthy fine baby. Nina: Bad judgment. Okay guys, we'll back! Kendell: Don't let it happen to you!