The Pregnancy Show - Teen Pregnancy, Part 2
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Hear from pregnant teens who share their personal stories relating to their condition.


[Music Playing] Nina: Hi! We are back and we are talking about teen pregnancy and you know when we were reading these letters I have to say for the most part they break my heart because these aren't bad kids, these are kids who have just ended up in a situation they just never imagined coming at them. Kendall: Think about it something that just took a couple of seconds to impregnate a child or a 14-year-old girl is now going to change her life. Nina: For sure 14. Kendall: The rest of her life is now altered because of one -- a couple of seconds Nina: A 17 I didn't know the difference between a lettuce and a cabbage and they are like giving birth. I mean, this is big, this is big. Kendall: Yeah, here is a story from a guy skater boy, he is 15, his girlfriend is 14, she is three months pregnant, the families are okay with it, back and forth -- Nina: At least they told their parents. Kendall: Right, they told their parents. Nina: Which was a good thing to do. Kendall: Yeah, but the boy is saying, he is scared and he doesn't know if he is ready to be a dad, which is understandable, he is 15, he is a teenager. Nina: He is not ready to be a dad. Kendall: He doesn't know how she got pregnant because they have always used condoms. Nina: Most men at 30 are not ready to be dads. Kendall: Here's the operative word here, we almost always use condoms. Almost, is that one time? Nina: Condoms are not 100%. Kendall: They can break. Nina: They break, you take it off. Kendall: They could leak. Nina: They are messy. Kendall: They are not fitting right; you didn't put it on right. Nina: Did you buy the extra large when you really should have been honest and bought the medium? Kendall: Yeah, they can get extra large. Oh, well, you know, anyway. So he is saying here that the older brother of this girl that he got pregnant hates him for getting his sister pregnant and he feels that he is a bad example to his own sister. Nina: So this is not a bad kid; this is not a bad kid. Kendall: He is not a bad kid because he has so much emotion going on right now and remorse. Nina: I like him already. I wouldn't sleep with you, but I like you. Kendall: He feels bad. Now look at this, he feels bad because of the shame he has brought to everybody and he wants to rectify the situation, he doesn't know how, he needs to talk to somebody. Nina: But you know what, there are people who could adopt this baby. Kendall: Yes, yes, yes. Nina: There are people who could give -- there are so many people who want babies who can't have babies. This is the irony. Kendall: Right, right, right. I think adoption would be a wonderful thing for them. Nina: Well, that way they don't have to deal with the issue of abortion and they can make sure that -- Kendall: He also needs a friend and someone to talk to. So, I think you should talk to -- if you have a best friend talk to him. Nina: No, but a 15-year-old boy. Kendall: Or a guidance counselor in school perhaps or doctor that met for you counseling. Nina: Or what about -- don't you have like a birth control center in the city where you live? Kendall: Social workers, anybody. Nina: There's got to be some counselors there, somebody who could talk with you. And you know what you sound like a good kid. Kendall: Good luck, skateboard, you are a great guy. I hope it works out for you, all the best of luck. We will right back. [Music Playing]