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Hear from pregnant women who are feeling lonely in their marriages and find out what advice our hosts have to offer.


Kendall: We are back and we are talking on a later note now, we have had several episodes that were heavy and we are emotionally drained. So we are just moving to a lighter topic. Andrea is not going to think it's lighter okay. Nina: Are they going to depress us again? Where are my tissues? Kendall: Okay so Andrea says every weekend my husband has plans with his friends, hold on Andrea is pregnant so that's upfront okay. Nina: Okay Andrea good luck. Kendall: Her husband goes with his friends and I feel like I just come home everyday from work and sit by myself or clean or watch TV I am so bored. I just wish he would take some more interest in me. Do things -- I don't blame you, I thought this was light, who told me this was light, this is not light. Nina: I am depressed again, where are my tissues. Kendall: Andrea send me your phone number, I will call you, we will meet, we will have coffee. Nina: Let's lecture the husband. Okay, listen sweetheart whoever you are, what's her name? Kendall: Andrea Nina: Andrea darling we love you and we feel for you, the thing is like this, when your wife is pregnant she is feeling very-very vulnerable, she is going through something that she has never gone through, if this is her first pregnancy, she is experiencing all kinds of new things that she has never experienced before. You need to be there for her darling. You can't run off with your friends, you could do that after or you have done it before. This is something new -- no-no I don't mind, Kendall: He cannot go, he cannot go. Nina: Listen to me, when my husband goes to play cards with the guys - Kendall: I got no problem with this. Nina: No, no, once every two weeks or once a week, he goes to hang out with the guys. Kendall: Once every week or two. Nina: Doesn't make a difference, but if he goes out often which seems to me. Kendall: She says every night. Nina: And of course she works, not only is she working and continuing to work while she is pregnant. Kendall: What is she like your pregnant sex mate? Nina: She has got to clean, she has got to clean. Kendall: She has got home and cleaning the little -- Nina: Andrea, you got to put your foot down and you got to lay the log, you got to tell your man, listen to me honey bunch, you are going to sit down, we are going to work out a schedule when you can, because she shouldn't tell him no, all the time. If he needs to hang out -- Kendall: Hold on, you don't know who she is married to okay, like what works in your house, and what works in her house Nina: No she is going to lay the log, she has to talk to her husband, she is got to talk to him, she got to say look -- she should allow him to go with the guys, she shouldn't no to everything, make a comprise, marriage is all about compromise, if this is what he wants, he could go once in a while though. Kendall: He is available for getting her pregnant but what that was the end of the job for him. Nina: She is lonely, she needs your love, she needs you attention Kendall: Go to a movie, go to a restaurant, go for a walk, get her ice-cream. Nina: She is in a new place right now in her life where she needs support from her husband and he needs to be there for her and all of this running around, that's bachelor thing honey. Kendall: We are very disappointed with him right now, very disappointing. Nina: That's a bachelor thing honey, enough of that. Stay home with your woman, make her happy. Kendall: You will regret this some where down the road. Nina: Oh! We are mad, we are mad, okay. Kendall: And we are not taking it anymore. Nina: Okay Andrea we love you. Kendall: Send us your phone number we will speak to him. Nina: Yes baby okay. So I have another letter here from Crystal and Crystal is talking about, okay you could always use my trick, Kendall: She has got a suggestion. Nina: She has got a trick, oh! We can't wait, what kind of trick. Okay she sets up surprise trips or nice with her husband, she just wants to talk to keep the night or weekend clear - he doesn't know that she is planning something you see and the suspense kills him, he doesn't know what's happening, okay great. So they went to Disney a couple of weeks ago and sometimes it's just a dinner and movie - it doesn't have to be Disney all the time and the husband may not even realize what's going on, also she is doing, she is keeping the marriage alive. Crystal's trying. Kendall: Okay but he is not a child, she has to find out a way -- Nina: But this is what works for her -- this is crystal's thing of keeping the husband interested in her to go out with her, she plans surprise. Kendall: He needs some action, why can't he stay home because he is a good guy who loves his wife. Nina: You got to work on your marriage I don't agree with her. You got to work on your marriage, you got to keep the flame burning, you got to keep the man in suspense because otherwise listen, men will stray once in a while because if they have hamburger at home they are going to go out looking for the steak, but if they got steak at home they ain't looking for anything better. So what I am trying to say. Kendall: I almost understand her logic, but I refuse to give in. Nina: You know what I am saying, I say if Crystal says she wants to make her man happy by planning little surprise trips. Kendall: Either loop ways, why not? Nina: I think she is great. We will see you in a minute.