The Pregnancy Show - Old Wives Tales Part 2
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Do old wives tales have any validity? Hear from our pregnant listeners and our hosts about the many old wives tales relating to pregnancy and find out the psychology behind the belief in such tales.


Nina: On a same topic of Old Wives Tales, we have a nice girl called Jenny and she is a going to tell us her about her Old Wives tales. Ok Jenny, Jenny says that she seems to match both criteria, her feet have gone colder and her husbands is putting on weight with me as, she is having a girl and her yearn is bright yellow boy, her chest has gone huge. I see so she has both criteria. She has a bit of everything. Kendall: Oh I understand. Nina: She has got cold feet, she got that -- Kendall: This is what we know for sure. You're having a baby. Nina: Right, hopefully a healthy one. Kendall: Hopefully all its part are working the way they should, that much we know for sure and I can't wait for delivery day because then we are not for sure. Nina: Well these old Wives tales are simply that - they are tales and there's nothing, there's no really rhyme or reason to -- Kendall: So, that reminds me, I knew definitively that my second child was a boy, okay. Through the amniocentesis and then also through ultra sound, even though I didn't want to know I knew, however when he was born I had my only real postpartum depression because I had decided in my mind, he should be a girl, we had a baby, we didn't need another boy, we needed a girl. Nina: Right so I had two boys and then I had my daughter Daaya(ph), Thank God, after our two boys and then 6 weeks after I had my Daaya. I got pregnant again, in my mind head, I said like you, it's a girl, they will be twins, it will amazing, 10 months apart be like Siamese twins. Kendall: She is so optimistic. Nina: I was so excited, so I called the doctor for the ultrasound and I want to be a positive, it's a girl and she is doing the ultrasound, she was look at that beautiful penis, I go, what she said. Kendall: What are you talking -- Nina: What did you say -- she said it's a penis oh, you didn't want to know the sex of the baby, I said I did but it's a girl, and she was no - it is the penis. Ok so, I had the boy and then 3 months after I had that boy I got pregnant again and I said for sure now, it will be a girl. It will be two -- there will be two years apart but there will be another girl and again I went to back to another ultrasound woman again and she said it's an another boy, I got a little formative depression you know, but listen it was healthy -- I got my second girl after those two boys [Cross Talk] Kendall: I made it up in my head, essentially decided, it was time for a girl, there were no scientific facts to back up my thoughts, there was no reason to think it, and I had just made up mind and when he was delivered and they said it's a boy in my heart I knew it was a boy, they told me but I thought let me go and check and I was depressed that first day in the hospital, I really was. I mean I love them dearly, I wouldn't return for anything but I kind of had that moment you know. Nina: I had that same moment when I delivered my second son, my first son was born bald and very pale and the second one was born in Los Angeles and it came out with the shock of unruly black hair, so whole head with hair and very red in the face, so the lady, the nurse, she hands me my baby, she was like here's your son. I was like take that baby away, he is not mine, he had a lot of hair and lot of hair and my husband said that Nina its yours. I saw him push you, you know push that baby out. Kendall: It may not be mine, but it's yours. Nina: No, I was expecting a bald child again, you know and beautiful white milky skin, he came out red and black, black, hair and I was like no. Kendall: You don't know what to except. Nina: But then he ended up being, the redness went and then after a week, after with blow drying his hair, he had layers, he was magnificent, he was all fine. Kendall: Anyway I had, I gave birth to all blond children and as you can see, there's not alpha bond in their hair and they are not Nina's - Nina: And the husband? Was he blonde as a child? Kendall: He was blond as a child, but I felt very freaky because like you're caring them and then people think like you're loaning a baby, like borrow a baby to take to the mall, people do that but I don't know but I got these blond babies. Nina: It's a good thing. Kendall: It was hard to believe to it. Nina: Should we go back to Old Wives Tales? Kendall: In a minute, we will be in a minute. Nina: Back in moment.