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Our listeners write in and share their versions of many of the popular old wives tales.


Nina: Welcome you all to the pregnancy show. Hi! Kendall how you are doing Kendall: Hi! Nina, how are you doing. Nina: How you are doing okay darling. So listen today we are talking about Old Wives Tales, okay. So let's go through them really quickly. Kendall: Two old wives telling two old wives tales. Nina: Who is old, who you are old honey? Kendall: Well, telling an old wives tale. Nina: Right-right okay so here we go, you have a boy if the baby's heart rate is under 140 beats per minute you are carrying low and in front. I was all in front for a boy wont you. Kendall: I was all in front for all of them, Nina: Same here Kendall: From behind you could never tell that I was pregnant. Nina: Right not every body could say that we are very lucky and we like that. Kendall: Okay fortunately I couldn't say that I am glutting, I am glutting. Nina: Work that smirk off your face alright so here and also your urine is bright yellow that I have never heard. Kendall: I did spend a lot of time in spending my urine as a general rule I flush. Nina: I pee, I go and I wipe and I go, okay, Kendall: But I didn't tell you, go ahead. Nina: Yeah, your right breast is larger than your left, odd I have never looked or measured. Kendall: I spend so little time on that subject. Nina: Yeah I can see that may be I will ask my husband what he thinks, okay. Kendall: The rest of the world can see, I don't know why she cant see that. Nina: You can't see them okay. And you experience any morning sickness in the first trimester, wrong I was sick as a dog. Kendall: I have to tell you -- I knew what two of my children were well in advance, before hand. Nina: How is that? Kendall: Because I didn't have until I was older, so I had Nina: You are tongue tied. Kendall: Right and I have to test well they know for sure why I can't figure the name of it. Anyway, I knew in advance what my children were pretty much a 100% and people tried all these test on me I had this string and ring test where you put your wedding band or other ring on to a piece of string and you hold it over the belly and depending on which way it moves gently swing the string, if the ring moves in a circular pattern, you are having a boy, if it moves in a straight line you are having a girl. So I have had this done to me. Let me say I have a success rate of 0%. So I don't really believe in the string and ring test. Nina: I go by the ultrasound the Amnio Manufactured. Kendall: Amnio that's the word I was looking for the Amnio, I had Amnio, because I was old having babies. Nina: You were not old you were slightly older than the average. Kendall: I made the cut to get into the Amnio group and had amnio and Nina: By the way if you do have an amnio it is not as painful as it's made out to be. So don't be alarmed, don't be scared, don't be petrified because I had the amnio, I spend sleepless nights before I had it thinking because I don't like needles, I don't like any sharp objects to punch in body, but you don't real feel it's quick, it's effortless. Kendall: But my husband almost got thrown out of the room, because he wasn't coping well and when he turned the pale shade to green, the doctor of course everybody in hospitals in Canada know what the success rate the doctors performing Amnio is and their success rate. We picked a doctor based on he had the highest success rate and he was -- we could get into his schedule. Nina: Success rate of what, being able to perform. Kendall: Because unfortunately there is a bit of a risk with them. Nina: It is a bit of a risk and if you need to do, but if you need to do, you got to do it. If there is a problem like a have with a AFP test that showed a high risk of Down Syndrome for my daughter. I think it was good for me to do. Kendall: I am so glad, however my husband turned green when he saw the needle and the doctor thrown him -- very tensely said either get over it or get out. Nina: Alright folks we will be right back. See you.