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Our resident hosts Nina and Kendall discuss a letter posted by one of our listeners telling how she plans on going on a television show after her baby is born to find out who the father of her baby is.


Kendall: Hello! everybody we are back and today's question is, what are pregnant women talking about? I think the usual things. Here is the look, but seriously now, here is the recent look at the postings from the pregnancy information forum. Nina: Alright let's here it. Kendall: Now okay, now keep in mind in this case the question is asked by somebody who rights in and other people who follow the site right back so keep in mind okay. Here is the question from Princess 01, oh! I thought that was princess 01. Okay sorry Queen 01 reading from Princess 01. I am going on the Maury show after my baby is born to find out, who the daddy is and I am dragging their story box with me, they deny my baby all the time as soon as she gets here okay, Maury said to Colin and he will book me on his next show, I cant wait. Me and my baby will be famous I will keep you all posted; you all tune in and watch me. So let me get this straight. Nina: She is going to find now the baby's paternity, that's what Maury Povich does a lot, he has got four daddies potential daddies and one women and she is going to name the baby and they do DNA test, 99.9% accurate and they named the baby and no one knows until the show was airing on the show live. Kendall: But let's get back to the point of this. If there are four potential candidate. Nina: Well she didn't say there are four, their can be. Kendall: Okay two. Nina: Yeah. Kendall: Three Nina: Yeah-yeah. Kendall: Does anybody see a problem with that, I am just curious is that just be. You should have a relatively good grip even if you don't want to talk about it in public on who the father is. Nina: But what's her question, she wants to get famous or she wants to be. Kendall: Now she wants to drag sorry butts with them. Nina: So there is quite a few I am thinking yeah. I see their sorry butts Kendall: Their sorry butts. Nina: Okay how can you know who are way to condone other people's behavior this is his thing, that's what he does. Kendall: Okay but I just think it's a general rule, you should pretty much know who the father of the baby is, just for your own peace of mind when you go to bed at night, in case the trials later asks, it's good to say, we know, I cant tell you it's a secret I will tell you when you are 21, but someday. Nina: Is it door number one. Kendall: He is lost at sea. We just think you should be able to narrow it down for the child's sake. It's good know you keep your eye open for who is coming. Don't feel you have to look like that, go ahead. Nina: Okay so what do we have here? I don't mean to sound judgmental prentices but I wouldn't be happy about going on TV to have someone help me figure out who the father of my child is, this is an answer, this is an answer Kendall: I am with you, I don't want to be judged either. Nina: She is saying what you just said honey, here she is asking may I ask you why you don't know, who the daddy is. Kendall: It's a fair question. Nina: Or do you know or he denies it also very possible. He might not want to be the father of that baby and that child support for the rest of his life. So she wants to prove to him that he is the dad and he has got to give support, anyway so that's interesting. Kendall: I am totally with Brandy. Nina: Yeah I agree with Brandy. Kendall: Brandy you go ahead and you be judgmental. Be judgmental but sometimes you got to be wanting help when then who get off the track back on the track. But that's the answer, hold down that's answer number one, that's it okay, we will probably back we have another question.