The Pregnancy Show - Madonna's Adoption
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Enjoy as our hosts address the on going debate relating to Madonna’s decision to adopt a baby from Africa.


Nina: We're back, we're back, okay, Kendell, I want to ask you questions, you are whole good, the whole controversy by Madonna adopting her baby. Kendell: Right, Baby David. Nina: Baby David from Malawi, and I'm very disturb by the whole hope line all this craziness going on about it. Depress has been hounding her, she adopts a beautiful baby. Now I have suffered through infertility for many years. It was unexplained fertility and at one point we were just definitely discussing happen or adopting a baby or having surrogate mother all these kinds of different options, and I say could has to you go Madonna for adopting that baby the father who didn't want baby even not necessarily can who want him. He had a wife who died in childbirth of anemia. She had a anemia. He had two other babies with this woman that died of severe amount of nutrition at different in malaria. This was baby three for them and this child was suffering from pneumonia and other sickness and was in the hospital. They didn't have medication to help this child. This child was going to die, so now came up here she comes she adopts this beautiful child and there whole hoopla then the father didn't know he thought that who just hanging the baby over for a while. He didn't know that it was permanent thing. I say you go for Madonna, I admire you stands on, she want to hoopla last week defending herself and I watch the show and it was a fantastic show. People of these children are dying and these orphanages and if we can come and adopt these babies and give them a good life and will this child will have been in the class in wise. Kendell: This is not even a good life, this is one of the Nina: This is a stratus fear, I mean come on why the while the controversy, while the bad negative impress, I think she is great, l love Madonna Kendell: I can see with father's coming from a little bit, but I don't think he should remade, because I think in the opportunity for his child love this is Nina: It was explained in fair and well that he is adopting. He is giving up his child for adoption that means you are handing your child over to somebody. Kendell: Yeah, he didn't have problem to people that are saying, may be what they are saying to him is you're could got more, you should -- and he started what was done, I hope with a pure hearted intend all with the sudden the problem with celebrities doing things. Nina: Yeah. Kendell: Is it everybody waiting for there data catching. Nina: But there was no hoopla controversy over and Angelina Jolie adopting and Kendell: -- Nina: But may be were two orphans fact that the father was still alive here and was unable to take care of his child and he was still around could be that hit hanger of the hole Kendell: So, my -- is a mother, is that if I if you really love somebody I mean you've given birth you have this child he hasn't given birth is a father. And you know you can't in your heart take care of it, I would give my child to somebody like that Nina: which is exactly? Kendell: However, I would probably need to string attaches like, I need to come visit them, I need to be part of their lives Nina: She promises to bring him back once she is came they could bond and they can Kendell: Because obviously the opportunities that are now open this child compared to what would be opened to this child with its father, Nina: Yeah, right. Kendell: Without all the comforts and opportunities of life the Madonna can raise Nina: Anyway cool those to you baby I think we did great wonderful.