The Pregnancy Show - Getting Pregnant After 50
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Nina and Kendall discuss about the risks and facts about getting pregnant after 50.


Kendall: Hello! We're back and now we're just going to talk to about interesting facts about pregnancy and the world around pregnancy, surrounding pregnancy. Alright! Okay, first one. Pregnancy after fifty, risky, but not impossible. Nina: Why would you want to do this? Kendall: Hold on. Nina: Oh! Kendall: Despite high rates of prematurity and pregnancy complications, the outcome of pregnancies after the age of fifty is generally good. Nina: Good. Interesting. I never knew that. Kendall: That's pregnancy. What about the outcome of the next 20 years, like chasing them around the backyard with your cane, I don't know, I don't know, it doesn't work for me. However -- Nina: If you make it to that point because then those teenagers between though put you on the grave earlier than you thought you get there. Kendall: And what happens --- Nina: So you got to get through those years - Oh! My God. Kendall: I am not that old. Nina: I am not a big advocate of this to be honest with you. Kendall: Frankly I - there's too much napping involved after 50, how would you have time to raise them? Where are they, where did I leave them? Nina: You get tired down. [Voice Overlap] Kendall: My brain cells are going. Nina: We are very young, very, very young. We had babies. Kendall: Very young, very young. Nina: So you both are sisters. But anyway, so the outcome of pregnancies after 50. Kendall: Listen if you want to, you just go right and don't call me the baby sitter if you find you are tired. Nina: We are tired. Kendall: Okay, so researches at Israel Sheba Medical Center looked at woman who gave birth in their 50s - I won't even go there. Nina: Higher risk. Kendall: And they found that the risks were greater while they had to -- they did research on that. Then the counter part who were decade younger, I mean they we urge to say -- Nina: Somebody just had twins in New York and she was I think 57 or 58. She had them natural. She wanted to have babies and she had twins 20 and she is 57. Kendall: Why? She is 57. Nina: That's just way too old. I am sorry. I mean -- Kendall: Good for you, I hope you're happy. Nina: No, if you could afford to get help. And you have nannies involved. Kendall: No. Nina: You're the only one handling those kids. Kendall: Did you see -- on the cover of People Magazine when she was 50 and had those twins. She looked like, she was going to have like finished the photo shoot and then go kill herself. Nina: Yeah, no it's crazy. Kendall: I am so happy, I have them. Nina: Lot of people having kids when they're old enough because of careers but not 50. Kendall: Older. But don't you want to see them grow up. Nina: It is almost over at that point. Kendall: I don't know, like I said, if you want, you go right ahead. I am not available to baby sit. Nina: Yeah, alright. Let's see what I have. Okay, the male biological clock, Hello! People. Now we're going to talk about -- Kendall: What is it? It is in a hundred? Nina: I mean look at Tony Randall. He was in his 70s. He married a young woman. They had two beautiful kids and then bye-bye Tony. Kendall: And then he died. Nina: Bye-bye Tony, he killed over and he was all over so I feel bad for those kids. They knew their father if they remember him at all. Kendall: They could -- Nina: They knew him for a brief nanosecond and then puff, he was gone. [Voice Overlap] Kendall: I don't know - like did he do that intentionally? There are unfortunate situations where a parent dies early due to certain circumstances. Nina: -- Marrying a 78 year old guy. This is the question I want to know. Are they doing the Anna Nicole Smith thing, just waiting for the -- drop dead on the -- Money, Money, Money , what's that up, it's a rich man's world. Kendall: It's a rich man's world, I shouldn't say. Nina: Is that what it is? Because why, if you are 28, why not marry a guy a couple of years of old , the young good looking guy. Kendall: It's not sex. Nina: It's not the sex at all. Kendall: It's not the excitement. Nina: The men can still keep doing, woman get tired at one point, but the men can keep going till they kill over. Kendall: But you could stay home and knit while they nap. Nina: You know about Larry King, he also married a beautiful young woman, not 28 , a little older and yeah, they also had a kid, and he was in his 70s. I think it's cruel to be kids unfortunately. Kendall: Do you have a father who could play catch with you? Do the father who can go biking with you. Nina: Okay, but listen Kendall the men have the biological clock too unlike women. Kendall: Oh! I am so sad. Nina: Unlike women they experience a sudden drop in estrogen production, as men age the testosterone levels steadily decrease contributing to rising incidents of everything from diabetes to infertility. The rate of decline is about 1% per year beginning in the thirties. Low levels of testosterone effect as many as 4 million American men which can lead to emotional irritability, depression, loss of muscle mass and bone mineral density and decreased energy and libido. Kendall: This is so sad, I can't stand it. Nina: It's unbelievable. Kendall: Hold on. Do you said that men can go cranky? Nina: They become more cranky, more than they usually are -- Kendall: That explains a lot of things in my life. Nina: The light bulb was clicked on, Kendall: Hold on. That's right. Nina: Light bulb moment, let's look out. Here we go. Kendall: Cranky, what else did we get? Nina: Decreased energy and libido. We will be right back in a moment.