The Pregnancy Show - Getting Pregnant After 35, Part 3
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Get advice on how to relax when dealing with fertility issues and hear stories that will inspire you never to give up.


Nina: Okay we are back, and we are still talking about having children later, having problems conceiving a child. So here we have a letter from Kate, Kate is saying that we have tried to conceive for ten years, during that time we did IVF unsuccessfully, that's painful the IVF. That's tough. Very small rate of success. Anyway they tried IVF unsuccessfully and they had one natural pregnancy that ended early miscarriage, oh! My goodness. Kendall: I am sorry. Nina: Yeah we then adopted a beautiful boy from South Korea who is now four. Six months later I was pregnant with our own daughter who is now two, we thought that her conception was a miracle that would never happen again and that was okay with us, but it did happen again and at 40 I gave birth to our baby boy, he is now four months old. So message here, don't give up, but we aware that there are other ways of making a family, adopting our son was the best decision that we ever made and I think he made us so happy and relaxed that I was able to finally conceive on my own. Kendall: Or may be it was a trip to South Korea, what did they eat on the plane? Any vacation, you need a vacation. Nina: That second I go on vacation is true I can see one of my kids when I went to visit my mother-in-law and we were meeting with my family, my mother-in-law, contrary to popular belief of mother-in-laws the old girls, but no my mother-in-law was an amazing-amazing women and I love her so much that every time we went to visit her, I was so excited than her own son to visit her because she made us so welcome and of course we have two beautiful boys at a time. You are coming to bring her the grandchildren and conceive when my child was 6 and the other one was like 12 at the time and I conceived on my daughter and in there, in her house, in her room. So she gave us her bedroom. However, when you are in a happy frame of mind, whether it be visiting friends or family or going on vacation doing something you are left to do when you forget about all the stress and trauma then all of a sudden your body relaxes. Kendall: Well, you are not preoccupied, as you said before, at some point in your life when you cant have a baby everything about you is about having a baby, every time you go to the bathroom, every time you think, you know your periods coming, you think you feel it, you don't want to feel, you tell yourself you are not feeling its not really your period. Nina: When I was trying to get pregnant and I would feel any kind of cramping and I was so oh! My god it's coming, I cant believe I am going to get my period, I am not pregnant. Kendall: You may have rilled on your pregnancy, you may have rilled on your period. Nina: And all the women out there who feel the same way as me, who would run to the bathroom anytime to see if there is any period, signs that it's very dramatic. Kendall: So there is another happy story, I am not sure that goes same. Nina: But good luck Kate wonderful story. Kendall: Brenda my own mother had me when she was 44, that was a generation and my husband aunt had a perfect child at 49, vow! I am 39 and 17 weeks with my second. Nina: She is 17 weeks pregnant with a second with a second child. Kendall: Right not a second husband or a second aunt. Okay I am feeling fat and happy as you should. Also my folks have been their 80s now and stress that -- having me later on motivated them to take care of themselves so that they would be alright. That's very nice and they are still here and they are more healthy and full of vitality that people have right, that's great however. Nina: That's a nice story. Kendall: That's a wonderful story. Nina: Isn't that nice. Kendall: Okay I am jealous because I like my that have to be the case for me too, however it is a nice story, it's just another example of great stories. Nina: But that's great story, sometimes grand parents get sick and they are around to be with their grand children fortunately and that's something we have to talk about also. You want your parents to see your kids but if you are having them so old, sometimes they are not around. Kendall: There is a piece of mind knowing that your parents knew that your life was okay. Nina: And they share holidays with your kids and they have fun memories. Kendall: I want my kids to be able to when we refer back at some point to actually know who we are talking about. Nina: And have a good knowledge of we are talking about not just a thick shore distant memory. Kendall: Brenda was lucky, and I hope your parents live for many years to come. Nina: Amen sister alright we will be right back.