The Pregnancy Show - Elective C- Sections, Part 2
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Decide for yourself whether c-sections should be offered as an elective or should be reserved for emergency deliveries only.


Kendall: Okay we are back and we are talking about how dangerous C sections can be. I certainly believe that a C section is something that should be scheduled if they child or you are at risk for having that naturally and it's unavoidable. So that's when a C section is great and it's wonderful for mother and for baby but like I said I had my three last children induced and to me that was for me and everyone has an individual story out there no one has the same situation as me, but I am just saying with the potential it's wonderful thing. Nina: But vanity to an extreme point means reporting your own needs and things ahead of the health and well being of your child and yourself. Kendall: So C section should be reserved for when it's medical necessity and that's why it's healthier for everybody. But we were talking about giving birth, I have a fine story to tell you because after I had my first child my doctor was not around, he was in another room doing a C section actually on another patient when I needed him and the baby was coming he was crowning. So the nurses come running and they are oh! My God the baby is crowning, so I ripped and unfortunately when you have a physiognomy fortunately that's why have the physiognomy but unfortunately for me, I ripped before they could administer this physiognomy. So 45 stitches later ouch! They thought that perhaps they have left some gauze in there so they reopen and restitch and it was a mess. So I came to my room I was 20 years old and I have this baby and I have 45 stitches and I have this wonderful girl who did not have any problems with their pregnancy so this is what that we are talking about pregnancies and deliveries and she helped me for 7 days I stay in the hospital for 7 days and she got me out of bed, she took me to the bathroom she helped me with the sitz bath remember those sitz bath. Nina: Well you know what you really got into the sitz bath because I tour the first time and I didn't sitz bath enough and you pay, now let's go back to paying the price. Okay so on from what you said this woman wrote in and we have no name however we do have pretty much thesis here. She said that she is 25 she has been married for two years and she is thinking about having a child, but she absolutely will not conceive until she finds a doctor who will agree to give her an Elective C Section. Kendall: Okay, you see Britney Spears did that, Britney Spears of so scared of having a child vaginally, she was so terrified of the pain that she chose to have both her babies by C section which I don't condone that, because you don't unnecessary surgery, you are scared of having a vaginal delivery, she is saying take the epidermal. Nina: Well there are other ways around that she says, first of all her mother almost died giving birth to her brother, but having to had a few friends who have some dangerous deliveries, those don't tend to be, that's when I think don't jump to that conclusion that you will to. Also this one bugs me a little bit more. I never want to risk loosing sexual pleasure or having of the appearance of my body altered. Kendall: Your body is not going to alter. Nina: But you are going to move because you are carrying a child, if you do not want your body to alter, let me nip this in the butt, don't get pregnant, adopt, steal a baby, but don't get pregnant. Kendall: But she is going to alter her body. The fact that she is having a C section is not going to alter her body back to where it was, but just is going to swell it's never going to be those marks, if she gets stretch marks, she will still have the weight gain. Nina: Her hips move. Kendall: The C section is not going to effect any of those things, her sexual pleasure will come back everything regains hopefully. Nina: Do your Kegel exercises, you can still have sexual pleasure. Kendall: Exactly when you have a coffee with honey with the girl friend to do the Kegel, nobody is going be the visor and you will get your elasticity back, you will see your doctor, everything should really bounce back into play. Nina: You know this woman is very indignant, she says having a C section does not make a woman less of a woman or less of a mother, that's not the point. Kendall: Its surgery, its surgery. Nina: There should be an option. Kendall: You are going to have a scar. She will have her body altered by scar and that's going to deface, yes so I mean they do wonderful scars right now, they don't them under bikini line but never the less it is surgery and you should just I think you should rethink the situation. Nina: I don't think you are ready to have a baby because you know what. Kendall: I think she is scared. Don't you think she is scared? Nina: I understand that she is scared. Kendall: She is very scared. Nina: But you know what millions and millions and millions of women have done this. Kendall: That's why we are all here Nina: And almost everyone of us is back in working order. Kendall: But you know that the beauty is, the beauty is that you forget and then you got pregnant again and you go what was I thinking but you forget and I have every child and do forget. Nina: Within a week of giving birth in such time. I would get ready to go do that again. Kendall: Yeah it will be a passing memory as for a good thing and good luck to all, good luck.