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Find out how to choose a great baby name for your baby and learn how to appease family members while at the same time getting around the pressure of needing to use a family name.


Kendall: Alright so now I am going to back to more of baby names, but before I continue, anybody who wants information, can got to the pregnancy information website, because there is all sorts of categories of names there, you will get some good ideas. Alright, now I was just going to see this woman has no middle names but what I did was, gave my children all the -- the first name that I wanted and then to keep all of our parents happy, gave them a middle name after somebody. Nina: So for example my daughter Daaya. I love the name Daaya. So it is pretty flower and my husband wanted to name my daughter after his mother and I said well, we will do a little both. I love the name Daaya. I think it's pretty and can work anywhere in life. Her middle name is majam, that is a difficult name .So we have just incorporated both and now my daughter is happy, she uses both. Kendall: Everybody is happy. Nina: Yeah, and the second daughter Dina we, we also have a little bit of - a little tiff. I wanted Adina and to make it more interesting my husband wanted Dina. And so he pointed out to me the same with Agastha, back to her, Agastha is little difficult to pronounce you might think August. Augusta or Agusta is difficult to pronounce. You mentioned Georga that there is necessity Agastha and Georgia, so when I called my daughter Dina, I digress back -- Kendall: Okay, Hold on. Now we have got some unique names, speaking of okay, what to do. This lady, let's say, Kate, oh, she is not due, she has got some time yet. Alright, however, she has planned ahead. So she has decided if she has boy, she is going to name him Jory Michael. Nice name. Now her girl name, I am not sure what to make of it. Okay, Klen, Klen Rushell. I don't know what this meaning is .Is it Klen like, like that is was --- is that a silent K, I don't know what to make of that. Oh she said, look she says , "my Fiancé isn't really pleased with my name Klen." Ok why, because he thinks it sounds weird. I am fighting with the fiancé here. Nina: Rushell is lovely, Rushell is a beautiful name Kendall: She hit these names before she knew him, okay so she has had a plan. So I am staying on it for a while. Nina: So here we have another name Kendall, and this is more traditional and this is Logan, this is a girl, Shauntele, she is do in couple of months as well and they are having a boy, well, they are not sure, they might be having a boy or girl. So they are thinking of Logan Keneth or Logan Edward & if it's a girl should be either Angelina Rose. I wonder if she - okay, well Angelina Rose lovely. Logan sounds like a so popular name. One life to live, hey Logan. Kendall: What isn't there like stream or - Nina: Logan is nice. Kendall: It's nice but some day you will be in the restaurant, someone will say, wasn't there a Logan on - Nina: Angelina, you are really dating her with Angelina. Angelie is also pretty, but hard. Kendall: But I think she lost the n. Nina: And they can put the n there. Kendall: Yeah, I think there should be n there. Nina: This is true. Okay, go on Kendall. Kendall: Okay, so what do we have? I am having a boy. Alice is having a boy and you wish her - she has decided, she is very firm. Naming him Jameson Paul Alton .I don't even know is Alton is last name or just like many names. Okay. Nina: She is having -- I would not have an easy time spelling that. Because you have got the SY. Kendall: Alright, SY is another stuff. Kendall: But she is also got an -- Okay, Linzy, after reading books and a million names, I know what she is talking about, she chose -- what is this -- Kadden Andrew. What happens in the parking lot, what happens in playground? Nina: Kaden thing, to me it's sounds a little more feminine. Kaden, you know, it's not a manly, masculine name. I mean Andrew you know it's definitely - but kaden, -- he will be teased and bullied. I would maybe rethink about. Alright anyway go back to - Kendall: Hold on, Dylan and Hogan - Nina: Hogan is lovely. Kendall: They could burn him or something. Nina: Hogan is a great name. Kendall: Hogan is a great name but it depends where you come from. Nina: I think it's great, it's fabulous. Kendall: There are people who don't agree with that. Nina: And Dylan has always been a classic. I love that name Dylan. Kendall: We will get back in a minute. Nina: Here we go, okay, we will be right back