The Pregnancy Show - Babies With Bald Spots!
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How common are baby bald spots? Find out more about this baby condition and learn about why babies get such spots.


Kendall: We are back and as you know you usually talk about heavy subjects, however, we could cover world hunger, famine, war. Nina: We do cover heavy subjects. Kendall: Oh! Yeah, we do talk about them. Nina: We talked about heavy subjects. Kendall: Okay, so a lot of serious things are going on out there and today we are going to cover another very serious subject. Nina: Very, very. Kendall: What do you when your baby has a bald spot on his head? Nina: Oh! For heaven sake guys. Come on man! Kendall: Okay, you know what - I am sorry Jade, I am sorry Jade. Nina: If it bothers so much -- Kendall: You have too much time on your head, you might want to get pregnant again very soon. Okay, here is Jade's question and I am sorry. I might have to get a screwdriver and poke myself in the eye, okay. Nina: Oh! Don't be so mean and vicious. Come on now! Kendall: Okay, I am in that mood today. Does anyone else have a baby with a bald spot on his or her head? No, it never happens. You are the only one ever and you know what I am really worried. Okay, her son is two-and-a-half and has a bald spot on the back of his head. Nina: She must be PMSing. I don't know what's wrong with her. Kendall: I am sorry. I am just intolerant today. Nina: She is in the mood today. Kendall: When he lays down, he likes to turn his head. Most of us consider this is good. Nina: This is why he has a bald spot, Kendall. Because when you have a bald, it's because your laying in that position. That's what my doctors told me. Kendall: She thinks it's weird. Nina: No, it's not weird, it's normal because the baby is turning on the back of his head. Kendall: She does want it to become permanent. I had a bald spot. Look, gone. Nina: When you are putting the baby onto the bed, they are telling you to lay the baby on the back, not on the stomach. So when you are laying the baby on the back, the bald spot is happing because of the fact that the baby is laying on it and the hair is falling out. It's normal. Kendall: I refuse to discuss this anymore, but Nina will from this point forward. I am not doing it. Nina: But I will give an answer -- your own juices. Okay, fine. What was that screwdriver you said? Kendall: I want to poke everybody in their eyes. Nina: If she wants to start poking, let her do her thing. Kendall: Answer the question. I am not here -- Nina: Whatever makes her happy. So anyway, so here is an answer from Beth. Beth says that her son James, he is like falling out and growing and falling until he was about four months old. So he was on and off bald. Now he is eight months and he a nightmare of hairs. Kendall: You couldn't get hair, is that the problem? You couldn't get close to love with him. Nina: Stop it! Kendall: Okay, I am sorry. Nina: Where is this screwdriver damn it? So man, he has some bad cowlicks though. Now she is worrying about the cowlicks. We were talking about the balds but now it's cowlick. Now right at the front at the hairline he has a permanent cowlick and it always looks as she has combed it that way and she has never combed his work and it just -- he has got a cowlick and this is her big concern. Kendall: And there are people dying of starvation. Nina: We have got bombs with Iraq, we have got nuclear weapons being unmasked, we have got nuclear testing. Kendall: Terrorists driving the planes right into top building. Nina: We have got people of the airplane _. Kendall: Except child as a cowlick. Nina: Check in your moisturizer to see if you have got some kind of explosive in there honey. You know what I am saying? Kendall: You cannot drink water on the plan anymore without getting it approved by the US Custom Services. Nina: Yes. We are living now after 9/11 in a day and age where things are not as they used to be. We are living in a more scarier environment. The cowlick is not a big issue. Kendall: I am sorry. Nina: I think I can't execute myself two of my kids have cowlicks. My mother has one. Kendall: And she hasn't thrown any one of them out. Nina: It's fine, it's cute, it's adorable. Live with a cowlick. Kendall: And for statistics from Harvard Medical School they will probably still get married. Nina: And Melissa says she has got this totally normal to have bald spots because her -- yes, they have. Kendall: Thank you Melissa. There is a reason in this morning. Nina: They will grow back and she is saying that hers also had bald spot and it grows back. It's normal. It's just a temporary thing, it will go away and don't worry about these things. This is nothing in the grand scheme of things. Kendall: You know what, if you have nothing to do go count their fingers and their toes, make sure they are all there. Definitely, Coronation Street. Nina: Coronation Street. Go, go, go, watch that. Okay, alright all, we will be right back. Kendall: No, Nina will be back. I am not talking to anyone.