The Pregnancy Show - Anxiety, Part 2
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Find out about many of the common pregnancy anxieties and listen as our hosts read letters from pregnant women like you who share their fears about labor and delivery.


Kendall: Okay, now we’re back. Nina: We’re back. Kendall: We’ve been through Nina’s tirade, and now we are going to take -- Nina: I just want to sure I’m all -- is it catharsis? Kendall: Cathartic. Nina: Cathartic. Kendall: Okay. She’s got cathartic. Let me just say now, before we whip every woman in America into a frenzy over-giving birth -- most of you are going to give birth in a hospital because you choose to. But if you’re going to give birth in a taxi or a lobby because -- you will. Nina: It just so happens. Kendall: Some of you will choose to give birth at home, do your homework, plan ahead, babies come out. Yes, there is pain, but remarkably, the pain goes away and you -- Nina: The moment it happens, and you forget about it. Kendall: The first time is a shock to the system. Nina: Moments afterbirth, I don’t agree with you. Kendall: Yeah, but maybe it’s not the first time -- Nina: Or like a day -- Kendall: No, no, no -- Nina: I had afterbirth contractions the three, four days after the -- Kendall: No, I had none of that. Nina: You never had afterbirth contractions? Oh my gosh! Kendall: The first time I got shock to my system, I didn’t think I’d ever get out of bed again, really had no urge to ever pee again and let’s not even go into like -- Nina: To the BM things, yeah. Kendall: However -- Nina: That’s scary, yeah, you worry about that. Kendall: You are going to give birth, most hospitals, responsible hospitals won’t let you out until they see you’re in reasonable working order -- Nina: Good health. Kendall: -- till baby can nurse or feed properly, so let’s not panic. They gave birth 4,000 years ago in the desert. Nina: And back then, they had no meds, they had no epidurals, they had no Percocets afterwards to cope with the pain of afterbirth. They had none of these things. So they had to do this all -- Kendall: They didn’t have therapists -- okay, it was a different time. Nina: We didn’t have nurses. Kendall: You were going to give birth, stay calm. Nina: Yeah. Kendall: Stay calm. It’s coming out. Nina: Okay, alright. Kendall: Now on anxiety. Nina: Yes. Kendall: Maria says, she’s been having panic attacks, mostly, they last a half an hour and they happen in the middle of the night, they wake up. Nina: Oh! Poor thing! Kendall: Okay. After when she’s drained, at the same time it takes her a long time to calm down and get back to sleep. Nina: Yeah, yeah. Kendall: So what she is doing is she goes to her daughter’s room and watches her sleep or cuddles up next to her. Nina: Okay, that’s nice. Kendall: I like it. She also wakes her husband up. Nina: Oh! How nice! Kendall: He talks to her. Oh yeah, I can imagine -- Nina: My husband won’t like that. Oh no! Kendall: Can we talk for a minute? Nina: My husband doesn’t wake up so easily, a big prospect come into the bedroom and instead of stopping their playing, he won’t hear anything about it. Kendall: My husband would somehow -- Nina: Yeah, would talk to you if he wasn't talking anymore. Kendall: I don’t think he is not just a talky-talky type. Nina: Not the child type, yeah, imagine at nights, yeah. Kendall: He looks at me like I’ve grown an extra hair and proceeds arounds me. Nina: Yeah. Kendall: Okay, so that’s good. Her husband talks to her and she cuddles with her daughter. Actually, I went into labor while lying in bed with one of my either children, because just walking around, I know, I said, “Oh! He looks so cute, I’ll cuddle with him.” Then that’s when my labor started. Alright, there you go. Nina: I went to labor because my best friend took me out shopping. She drove home like a maniac in New York, we live in New York, and she got me so nervous, because she was taking the turns like this and I kept whipping back and forth, like a toy doll. Instantly, I got home, I got the cramps going on, contractions, I said, that’s it, thanks to my friend Sherri (ph). Kendall: That’s why some people give birth in taxi. Always try to get a taxi driver with the name you like, though, because if you choose to name he and therefore after the taxi driver, get a name you can live with. Nina: With something, yeah, José. Kendall: So before you get into the taxi, say, I’ll need to know your name or you’ll have to sign a release saying, we do not have to name the baby after you, because it came it my cab. Nina: But generally speaking, the first babies don’t come so quickly. Kendall: Mind it. Nina: Well, mine took 30 hours. Kendall: 30 hours? I had three hours. Nina: 30 hours first baby. 30 hours! Kendall: End of the spectrum. Nina: 30 hours with a lovely doctor. Kendall: Don't assume the worst things are going to happen to you, don't assume it. Nina: Shall I mention my doctor again? Kendall: No, because -- Nina: I still have pains. I’ve got to get it out, okay, fine. Kendall: But when to get -- Nina: It will be fine, it will be fine. Kendall: Okay. Don't assume the worst things are going to happen to you. Most people will fall somewhere in the middle, very easy delivery and you walk -- Nina: Everyone is different, very different. Kendall: And very difficult deliveries -- Nina: Very different. This is why I decided to do the inducing later on, because it takes so long when I naturally give birth -- Kendall: Why let nature take its course? Nina: We had a baby in three hours. Kendall: In three hours. Nina: Yes, three hours, we had ourselves the baby. There you go! So anyway, okay, we’ll be right back in a moment.