The Practical Purpose of Liver Thyroxine Study in Pregnancy
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Dr. Offie Soldin shares the practical purpose on studying liver thyroxine in pregnancy.


What Is The Practical Purpose To Conduct A Study On Liver Thyroxine/Thyroid Hormone Supplementation in Pregnancy? Dr. Office Soldin: The reason on conducting the study and this study that supported by Obstetric Fetal Pharmacology Research Unit Network. The reason we doing it is because no body knows when and by how much thus the need for the increase in dosage in Liver Thyroxine supplementation replacement in pregnancy. We don’t know how much and we don’t know when it needs to be increase therefore the standard of care is to increase it by 50% at the very beginning of pregnancy when the woman finds out that she’s pregnant. But we don’t have the Pharmacokenetics in pregnancy; once we do this we have better answer so we could tell by how much and when to do that.