The Perfect Christmas Tree
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A Christmas tree grower gives pointers on choosing and caring for a tree.


Male: essential information from Fine Living. Male: Christmas trees are kind of people’s ways, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you’re going early in the season, most of the trees are going to be pretty nice and pretty fresh. If you take a needle and bend it over, and it snaps like crisp celery, that’s a very very fresh tree. If you really want to know you’re getting a fresh tree, cut it yourself. In many of the choose and cut farms, you check out a saw, cut your tree and bring it up to the cash register. These are the real fun ones. After you’ve chosen a tree that is fresh, take it home, put a fresh cut on it. And what I mean by a fresh cut, you cut the bottom of the tree a small amount. It’s the sap that’s come out of the tree that seals up the pores right at the very end that need to be removed, in order to have the pores open to where they can consume water again. Of equal importance as the fresh cut is to have a water stand that has minimum of 1 gallon water holding capacity. Choose a perfect tree for your house. Take it home, decorate it and just enjoy the season. Male: Find more at