The Neelys' Candy Cane Cookies
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The Neelys make their holiday treat, colorful candy cane cookies.


The Neelys' Candy Cane Cookies Gina Neely: Alright, so it’s Christmas time. And Pat and I going to make out a little basic family recipe that we’ve always have. Sugar Cookies but we’re going to put our different twist on them for you. We’re going to add food color and made some red and green, shaped them to cute little candy cane. And I’ve already started creaming one stick of butter and three quarters cups of sugar. And then we’re going to add our two teaspoons of lemon juice and one egg. Patrick Neely: So I’m just sifting two and a quarter cups of all purpose flour, a half of teaspoon of baking soda and a half of teaspoon of baking powder. Gina Neely: Okay. So you’re going to add it in here a little bit. Patrick Neely: I’m going to add a little flour at a time. We’re making some snow happen here, you know. Gina Neely: That’s okay. Baking is always a little messy. Patrick Neely: Alright, I’m going to add a little more, a little good about a third, a third, a third. Gina Neely: Yup. I kind of turn this up and get it in here. Patrick Neely: And I made the rest of this flour. Gina Neely: Turn it down a little bit. Patrick Neely: There we go. Gina Neely: So, I’m going to blend this altogether and then Pat and I going to split it up. But we’re going to add food color for our Christmas cookie. Patrick Neely: This is such a great dessert to make. You know, you can do it with -- they have a blast right on Christmas Eve. Gina Neely: Now, we just going to use our hands, work it up a little bit. So we’re going to put gloves and get this messy food color on everything. Patrick Neely: I’m just going to take a cap-full of the green. There we go, pour it right in and then we’re just going to work it in -- Gina Neely: Massage it. I take a cap-full amount of red. Patrick Neely: And you can use any colors you like. You can even mix colors, it makes so much fun with kids just, mix colors in. You want to mix it real good so that colors come out vibrant. Gina Neely: And spread it all through the dough if you can. Patrick Neely: Yeah, we just have to keep mixing and keep massaging. Just like that. Gina Neely: These are nice and good. So now we’re going to -- good job. So now, we’re going to move down to our parchment paper, okay. We’re just going to take a size of a walnut. Roll it on your hand like Play-Doh and make a snake. Patrick Neely: There we go, it looks great. Gina Neely: These are going to be some cute little candy cane. Patrick Neely: Yeah, but your could so many great things like make a snowman or like a Christmas tree. Gina Neely: With a cookie cutter. Patrick Neely: Yeah. Gina Neely: Alright, good job Pat. Now, we’re going to put them on the cookie sheet ready with parchment paper on it. We’re going to twist them. Patrick Neely: We’re just going to lay that baby down and we roll. Gina Neely: Just like a little twist. And we’ve got to curve our little hooks like canes. You know what, if they look a little messy, don’t worry about it, because when they cook, it’s going to form into a nice little cute candy cane. See these, like nice and pretty. We’re just going to put them in the oven at 375 degrees for eight to 10 minutes and they will be wonderful. Didn’t these turned out -- I told you guys, these will be cute. Patrick Neely: These are really good. Gina Neely: Happy Holidays! Patrick Neely: Happy Holidays!