The Most Common Lies Drug Addicts Tell Themselves
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Dr. Mel Pohl shares what the most common lies are that drug addicts tell themselves.


The Most Common Lies Drug Addicts Tell Themselves The most common lie that a drug addict tells him or herself is “I don’t have a problem.” You know, we call that denial. “I use the drugs,” especially with chronic pain, “I use the drugs because of my pain. I am not chewing my patches that are there for pain relief,” or, “My pills–I am not snorting drugs. I am not going to the street for drugs. I am just going to the doctor for drugs.” That may be the truth. If there’s two or three doctors involved, admitting that, you know, would probably be diffusing one of those lies. The other issue is really not being aware of what problems the drugs themselves are causing. You know, “I fall asleep early at night. I am not as functional as I used to be. I don’t feel as good.” So, I mean it takes some self-analysis to really see this. The main reason people lie to themselves about drugs is they want to keep using them and that might underlie a drug problem.