The Issue of Public Breast Feeding
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Daddy Brad and Daddy Clay tackle the baby nursing issue. How do you feel about women breast feeding in public? Is it okay for moms to breast feed their baby in front of others? What percentage of people are comfortable with mothers breastfeeding in public?


Daddy Clay: Hello there. I’m Daddy Clay Daddy Brad: I’m Daddy Brad. Daddy Clay: Welcome to the Dad Labs Lounge, downstairs where we relax and talk about really important topics. Now, recently a national parenting magazine released an issue that had on its cover a baby nursing and this has created something of a mini-furor in the parenting community about public breastfeeding. So today, we’re going to talk about public breastfeeding. Daddy Brad: I don’t understand. Breastfeeding. It’s a great thing for the baby, it’s the best thing for the baby. Why would people want to discourage that? Daddy Clay: Well okay, given. It’s the best thing for the baby. Everyone knows that breast milk has 150 ingredients that aren’t in formula. There’s a big national campaign going on right now to support breastfeeding and everybody agrees that it’s the best thing. But in public? I mean, is it okay for mom to breastfeed in public? Daddy Brad: Is it okay to exercise in public? What if you’re driving down the street and you see someone exercising, running, jogging? Oh, man, not in my neighborhood! Those shorts are a little provocative. Come on! Daddy Clay: Well, I mean, if they’re jogging topless. I don’t think that’s a good analogy. If they’re jogging topless then you might say that’s not appropriate. Daddy Brad: Yeah, but you don’t breastfeed topless. I’ve never seen any lady say, “Well, it’s time for me to feed the baby,” and rip off all of her clothes and breastfeed. Most ladies do it very discreetly and if you catch a glimpse, then you\re looking too closely in the first place. Daddy Clay: Now I’m in favor, personally, of breastfeeding in public, and I just want to say that for the record. But you admit, that inevitably, in the process of breastfeeding, the woman’s breast is going to be exposed in a public place. And you’re okay with that? You’re okay if someone you knew exposed their breast in public while they were breastfeeding? Daddy Brad: They’re not exposing their breast. Number one, they have bras and shirts that are specifically geared toward breastfeeding so there is a minimum of exposure. Like I say, most moms are very discreet and very reasonable. Daddy Clay: You have to get the breast out of the clothing and get it in the child’s mouth. There’s going to be some boob flashing. Daddy Brad: No. What are you, a pilgrim? Come on! You will probably not even notice. I just think that it’s ludicrous to think, for someone to say that this is some kind of erotic deal. Daddy Clay: Well, there’s no accounting for taste. I mean, maybe for some people it is erotic. And maybe there’s like guys out there that are into that. What if there is a nursing pervert dot com out there? Daddy Brad: Well, they’re probably also into purple shirts and think, “Oh, purple shirts!” And what, no purple shirts in restaurants because James over here thinks that purple shirts are sexy? No, I think it’s crazy. I think that 99 percent of women who breastfeed in public do so very discreetly and it’s just an uproar that really shouldn’t happen. Daddy Clay: The facts are, there was a poll published that said 57 percent of Americans believe that breast-feeding in public is inappropriate. Daddy Brad: Well, I think we need to start a new conversation. We need to say, It’s not why you do you feel breast feeding is - . Daddy Clay: Well because it’s a woman’s breast being exposed to public view, that’s seen as a sexual area and people don’t want to see it while they’re having sushi. Daddy Brad: But you see it every day. Low-cut shirts, spaghetti straps, linguini, vermicelli straps. You see more of a woman’s breast walking down the street than you would ever see when someone is getting ready to breastfeed. Most women are discreet. Daddy Clay: Okay. Well. There’s not a whole lot of breast exposure but more than half of the people in America are uncomfortable with it. So would you say that it’s okay to do it anywhere? Anywhere is okay? Restaurant? Daddy Brad: Absolutely. Restaurant? Totally okay. As long as you’re discreet. If you’re loud and obnoxious in a restaurant then that takes you over the line of being acceptable in the restaurant. If she’s whipping it out, dipping it in the condiments and saying, “Come on! Time to latch on!,” then maybe that’s not so discreet, but most women don’t do that. Daddy Clay: Okay, so short of dipping the breast in the condiments, you’re okay if someone breastfeeds in a restaurant. Daddy Brad: I’m okay if someone breastfeeds in a restaurant as long as they are discreet about it and respectful of the other diners. But you know what? I think other diners should be respectful of me as well. Daddy Clay: So what happens then? You’re in a restaurant. More than half the people in there don’t want to see your wife/partner breastfeed and she does and they’re uncomfortable with that. Think of that guy, that hypothetical guy who’s in a sushi restaurant and the baby is crying and that’s upsetting people so people start to watch. Daddy Brad: No crying babies! Out of my restaurant! Daddy Clay: So then the woman at this hypothetical table picks up the baby and very nonchalantly and with great confidence begins to take off the clothes and put the baby on. Daddy Brad: She’s not taking the clothes off! Daddy Clay: You know what I mean. She puts the baby on and obviously it’s making people uncomfortable. It’s making people uncomfortable so is it inappropriate for the dad in this situation to take his napkin and get up and maybe shield the mom and put it over the baby? Daddy Brad: Well no, I don’t think that’s inappropriate but my point is mom will probably do that anyway. Be discreet. Be respectful of other diners but breastfeed in public, in America! Come on, America! Embrace it! It’s natural! Daddy Clay: Actually, everybody here at the Dad Labs is in favor of breastfeeding in public. We really do think it’s the best thing. You really want to encourage, dad, mom to breastfeed anytime, anywhere. You might want to think about doing some things to help educate the public. If you have a place of business that’s public, put a sign up that says, “Breastfeeding moms welcome,” something like that. And Google around in your local politics and find out if there are any movements locally like there are here in Texas to try and increase awareness of the laws that allow women to breastfeed in public. Daddy Brad: It really shouldn’t be that controversial. It’s a good thing. Daddy Clay: Thank you very much. See you next time here in the Dad Labs Lounge. Daddy Brad: So what about sushi? . Daddy Clay: Well, the sushi was great except I was a little...hypothetically