The Importance of Vaccinations
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In this video, we learn why vaccinations are imperative for the protection of young children.


Female: Place top that hand away on this that is get in the away that’s right hold this on with this hand and that’s leg lovely. DR. Vas Novelli: A present strategy at the moment is to give vaccines, there is first lot of vaccines 2 3 and 4 months, and essentially we stop with the triple vaccine that took periods in this whooping cough vaccine, along with the sugar cubes which choose the, oral polio vaccine. Female: Are you struggling child. DR. Vas Novelli: So they have those 2 3 and 4 months a 2 new vaccines have been introduce for this periods as well, and the mainly against being for Jaundice, that’s the HIB vaccine, the hemo fluids influencing and taught be a vaccine which prevents many Jaundice since may had a huge contribution to decrease in the number of cases due to HIB and that’s given a 2 3 and 4 months, also they have been given Jaundice C vaccine. Polly Landsberg: He is, he is just happen to receive the diphtheria and the and pertussis and that’s mixed with the hemo fluids influencing on which we call higher official he is also just had the polio vaccination which is orally little drops little drops into his mouth, and the second injection which I gave him was to protect him against many Jaundice C. DR. Vas Novelli: So that’s how a lot 2 3 and 4 months the next vaccine after that, is it between 13 and 15 months which is MMR, which is always the very important and then on after that is the preschool booster which again is a diphtheria and tetanus booster along with the whooping cough booster which is recently been introduced by the government and a booster MMR. And that’s the century of a vaccine strategy. Female: What you think. Child: Yeah okay.