The Importance of Healthy School Lunches
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Nutrition Expert Jeannette Jordan discusses the food options many students have in their school.


In general, how healthy are school lunches? Jeannette Jordan: I believed the school lunches are becoming healthier. It’s all in the choice that they tell makes usually at this point because there is what they called a healthy lunch and I know this because when my daughter was in school and there is a grow food which is the standard hotdogs and hamburgers and then of course there the bending machine. But we should know that the Federal Government has guidelines in requirements about food lunches. However, what food to use and how is prepared is actually made by Local Food Authorities. How can parents encourage kids to make healthy food choices? Jeannette Jordan: What I suggest to parents is that at home they encourage more fruit, more vegetables, more healthy whole grains, and healthy food choices and serve that at home. So, when the child gets to school and they see the whole wheat bread that’s there or they see the vegetables that are there and the apples and oranges because in most cases it is present that would be make that choice low then sing oh yeah we have French rice we have when we get home this is what I love I’m going to get this five days a week. So, I think modeling parents must model good eating at home and talk about it with there children and encourage them to make the healthy food choices when they get to school because in most cases it is now becoming more and more available but it goes back to choice. I also believe that parents if they see where the school lunches in there schools are not as healthy if they are serving more fried or you know more with they considered joke type foods that they talk with the principle and they talk with Local Food Authorities because it’s in there hands to make that change. There are many schools across America who are now beginning to cook more food from scratch who are using fresh vegetables you know rather than they can and so these things can be done. Is just the matter of you know parents being proactive are with school officials as well as there children. And then molding that for them at home because children usually do what they see. Any Advice for parents of picky eaters? Jeannette Jordan: For parents who have children who are picky eaters and children as we know go to different phases of eating, I believe that it would be important sometimes to involve the children in selecting there school lunches if they say they take there lunch. Okay what are some other things you would like and then talk about you know why it’s important to have certain foods I think that if people even children if you give them low reasons why we should do things or this is— or you need to have some carrots it’s going to help your eye sight, it’s going to help you a pretty skin you know all this things are all yeah I will try some. You know in all you need this orange because they neither help you from getting the colds so you know just kind of helping them understand why they need to pick healthy food choices I think is so important. And then involve them in preparing the lunches and having a conversation of wise sometimes helps. Now, we know some children are may get there and trade it off a little things but I think maybe as a whole that they will understand why they need to do certain things and then try in this most of the time and then it’s still good.