The Healthy Way to Get Over a Breakup
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Question: "My fiancé and I just split up. I'm devastated but I want to move on, and fast. Advice?" Your Tango experts help you heal.


My fiancée and I just split up. I’m devastated, but I want to move on and fast, advice? Felicia I feel your pain. One day you’re all rosy in a happy healthy relationship. Inspiring like seal and Shakespeare, the next thing you know, you’re single and wilting. There’s only way to get through the thorny patches. Emotional health starts with physical health. Lead your body in healthy fun activities and changes are your mind will follow. Take a boxing, start a blog, volunteer or give your home a make over. I promise, rearranging your bedroom is a lot more gratifying and a lot less fattening than buying stock. Give yourself some healthy TLC and before you’ll know it, you’ll be back in full bloom. Got a question? Send it to