The Greatest, Grossest Parenting Clean-Ups
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In this episode we ask experienced parents to discuss those Superfund Sites of parenting, to describe the most appalling cleanups and gross scrubdowns that come with the child raising territory. Interestingly, not a single parent we asked had to hesitate before answering.


Clay: Hey welcome back to the Old School Dad Lab Lounge. Good to be kicking it here again, I am daddy Clay Brad: And I am Daddy Brad Clay: This week’s very special lounge is brought to you by Oxi Clean Baby. It is tough on stains but easy on babies clothes, Oxi Clean baby. Brad: Today, we are going to venture out into the neighborhood, ask parents what is their least favorite baby master clean up. [Music Playing] Male: That is surprisingly proved related. Female: The barfing in the closet. Male: Let us just say we do not serve lasagna at our house anymore. Male: The worst clean up is the baby pure diaper. Male: When you are changing a diaper and all of a sudden she vomits or it comes out the other end at the same time. Female: I think you get so comfortable with poop and pee and diarrhea and snot. Male: You walk in the hallway and start getting that smell and you know what that smell is going to be, it is going to be throw up. Male: The one thing that they never told me about is the projectile poop. Male: I was putting him in the car seat to bring him here and it is like, oops they got a problem. Male: Spaghetti is out, pizza is out, basically no tomatoes period. Male: You can be cleaning a diaper, he can vomit and thus the third component now which is this golden charier which comes out of nowhere. Male: Well, you got the legs up and all of a sudden it just like you know, fire hoses all the away across the room. Male: By the time I picked him out and then started to come down, all the shorts down the diaper and it was all over the front of my shirt. Female: You just become kind of immune to it. That is not the one that is more bothers, some those others I have to admit. Male: Tomato sauce vomit, it is particularly pungent. Different varieties, it is kind of like wine. Male: There is throw up on her clothes, there is dried through up in her hair and there is throw up all over the mattress and the sheets and what do you do? You got to deal with it. Male: It actually got to the wall and that was just a particularly unhappy day for me. Female: Because it is all the crackers and the crevasses and then you have to take the whole thing out of the car and then you have to wash the car seat cover and then you put it back on and then they are both hungry again. Female: We took a little piece of cardboard and we built a little shield during those two weeks of projectile poops. Male: He would have wanted to play in it to, if I would not – I was the one pushed him away from it, he would have kind of rub the denim away that was not very attractive. Clay: That was daring stuff. Brad: This show is about some of the pains and joys of parenting and this week definitely on the pains side. That is all for this week, we want to thank our sponsor Oxi Clean Baby, it is tough on stains but easy on babies cloths, Oxi Clean Baby. Come back and join us next week when we will be broadcasting the lounge from Freddy’s place here on Houston, Texas. Clay: You know dude, my kids are getting older and less messy and I am getting more messy. Brad: You know I am glad. I am glad you identified that because I was going to say something. Clay: I mean I get stuff all over my shirt. Brad: You come back for lunch it looks like you have laid down underneath the condoms at table and decorated yourself. Clay: I like condoms. Brad: I mean a man bib. Clay: Man bib? Brad: Yes. Clay: Why do not you just throw me a diaper and just put me on the pasture. Brad: Are you saying you need a man. Clay: I am not that all dude. Brad: It is embarrassing. Female: When that somebody else’s kids poop, that bothers me a lot more than my own kids. [Music Playing]