The Genetic Link to Female Hair Loss - Sue's Story
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Sue recalls the females in her family who also suffer from hair loss and provides advice for women who are afraid to talk to their doctor about hair loss.


The Genetic Link to Female Hair Loss - Sue's Story I do have a family history of hair loss on my dad’s side. He had three sisters and all three of them wore wigs for as long as I can ever remember. Never saw them without their wigs, but I knew that they had severe hair loss. I think my grandmother also did. She didn’t wear a wig but she was just one of those old ladies and that’s the only way I ever remember her. My cousin on my dad’s side has extremely thin hair, much more than I do, almost looking like a chemotherapy patient and she doesn’t do anything about it because I don’t think it bothers her. My sister has thick hair. My brother has thick hair and I was the one child in the family that got the thin hair from my dad’s side. Well, the advice that I would give other women is the advice that I got from a girlfriend of mine who, when I was complaining about my hair loss she said, “Well you have to go to my doctor, Dr. Leibsohn. He is the one that helps me,” and I never thought that she had a problem with hair loss because her hair looked great. So, I would say seek out a dermatologist and find, keep looking until you find somebody that has experienced working with women who have hair loss issues.