The Facts About Bottle Feeding
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Paediatrician Dr Su Laurent explains bottle feeding.


Emma Howard: Hello, I’m Emma Howard and I am joined by Dr. Su Laurent, who is a consultant pediatrician at Barnet Hospital in Hertfordshire. Hello Su. Dr. Su Laurent: Hello Emma. Emma Howard: I have a question here about a woman who is going back to work in two weeks time and her baby still wont take a bottle, so she is clearly panicking and wants to know what she should do, she hasn’t got much time to change that actually. Dr. Su Laurent: Well, this is the common problem. I am often asked this by moms and obviously for babies being breast feeding well that is wonderful and that’s wonderful well done to this particular mom, who is managed to keep going so well. But often the baby knows that what they want and they won’t let you get away with it and so there are two things that you can do really. One is just hand your baby over for 24 hours to somebody who hasn’t got a breast. Emma Howard: It doesn’t smell like mom? Dr. Su Laurent: It doesn’t smell like mom and that might dad that for example or you know a friend, mother whoever and the other thing is you can actually go just straight from breast onto a little training beaker. You don’t actually have to use a bottle and some babies will prefer to got for little training beaker than for a bottle. Emma Howard: And not many people think of that because it is missing out a step and not the first time right you feel have to hit --. Dr. Su Laurent: Absolutely, but some babies never use a bottle, they just go to the training beaker and that’s that but I think this is where you get I mean if your husband hasn’t been hands on until now. Emma Howard: Now it is his moment. Dr. Su Laurent: Now his moment. Emma Howard: So, really good advice to have somebody who just doesn’t smell like it and hasn’t got that shape there. Dr. Su Laurent: Yes, but it doesn’t mean you got to not be there because the temptation to crack and say, its okay I just can’t do this over to you. It’s you if you are actually there, but if you not there and the baby knows you are not there and there is more of a chance of --. Emma Howard: You probably have to sit down with your partner and plan it so that you can make them strong especially if they notice his hands on in the past as they have got to be now. Dr. Su Laurent: Exactly. Emma Howard: So, they have got to be strong and no crack and go I have really going to hand this baby right to you because it is not happy. Dr. Su Laurent: Exactly. Emma Howard: And you think it could take a shorter time as 24 hours. Dr. Su Laurent: I think so, it depends on about timing Emma Howard: They moving. So have a plan of action, be determined and you could work it. Dr. Su Laurent: Exactly. Emma Howard: Okay Su, fantastic. Well if you have a similar problem we hope we might have given you some help but remember it’s always best to go and your own doctor for medical advice. Thanks for watching, we will be back with more health questions and answers.