The Effect of Working Moms on Their Kids
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Dr Sylvia Gearing shares the latest findings on working moms and their kids. Does going to work really hurt their development? Please watch Part 2 - "The Advantages of Having A Working Mother."


Women now comprise 51% of the American workforce and the number of working moms who are the sole breadwinners has increased for the third year in a row. But does a working mom negatively impact her child’s development? Absolutely not. In fact a newly released study from the American Psychological Association reports the kids of working moms are doing just fine, even if she returns to work full time before her child is three. It’s a comprehensive review of 69 studies conducted over 50 years confirmed that the kids are fine. Now in the past, most studies have told us that working women have higher self-esteem or stronger emotionally and financially and are actually excellent mothers. The children benefit from having a mother who is confident, resourceful and in control of her life, traits they appreciate and learn from. So why are mothers still nervous about going back to work ambivalent about working? Most working moms are very ambivalent about leaving their kids when they’re young. Women are experts at beating themselves up and being the perfect mother, it’s something we expect of ourselves, no excuses, although most working moms are pleased to have a job -- they wonder if they’re doing the right thing when it comes to raising their kids. This attitude was confirmed by the -- Research Center which reported that working women are still conflicted about the competing role they play at home and at work. As women, we still do twice as much housework and childcare as our husbands, a pattern that hasn’t changed for almost 100 years. Lack of community support, what is most challenging is the lack of support many young mothers feel from their communities and family. 12% of the American public still thinks that young mothers should be at home with their children until they go to school. As a result, young working moms often feel judged by others, despite the fact that society overwhelmingly believes that both men and women should contribute financially. Working mothers of young children suffer this special penalty about having to explain why they are lucky to work outside the home. Sometimes -- the money. Now the good news is that this new study now totally shatters this outdated attitude which has perpetuated the guilt of working mothers for decades. Please make sure to watch part two of this segment, the advantages of having a working mom. For more information and tips, please follow me on Twitter @doctorgearing, friend Gearing Up on Facebook and visit my blog at I’m Dr. Sylvia Gearing.