The Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan Interview
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Wendy Diamond interviews Cesar Millan, the famous TV Dog Whisperer about his recent loss of a four legged friend.


Audra Lowe: We all know him as the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan six season is underway and our pet trend expert Wendy Diamond sat down with the behavioral expert to talk about the new season and also coping of the loss of one of his favorite four-legged friends. Wendy Diamond: We’re sitting with Cesar Millan, the dog whisperer. Okay Cesar— Cesar Millan: Yes. Wendy Diamond: Tell us what is happening, I mean so much has happened, especially in the last week, I’m so sorry about your dog. Cesar Millan: Yes, he passed away, Friday, 8 pm. But we created it fun for him on the foundations and people are donating, obviously money to help other dogs. That’s what he did, he pretty much embrace the concept of helping others and understanding that it’s not the breed, it’s the human behind the dog, so that’s what we’re going to keep doing in his behalf, you know keep helping and teaching people understand, it’s to be educated more than anything else. Wendy Diamond: Now okay, so tell us about the six season, what’s going to be different on this season Cesar Millan: Well, in one of the episodes that are coming out, I actually get to work with the whole neighborhood. Wendy Diamond: What neighborhood? Cesar Millan: It was a neighborhood in Sidney Valley, in this neighborhood, we’re already getting along with each other, but their dogs are not getting along. So one of their dreams was on the week as when they do barbeques, which pretty much they do it every weekends, is to allow the dogs to come and join in. And so I worked with them for like a week and so they get to have their dream come true and I get to work with every single person in the block. It was beautiful because every got to really help each other. Wendy Diamond: Thank you, Cesar Millan, and for more information, go to Audra Lowe: Can’t help to love Cesar, The Dog Whisperer airs Friday night on the National Geographic Channel.