The Different Stages of Breast Cancer
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Dr. Chung discusses the stages of breast cancer. Breast Cancer breast-cancer.


The Different Stages of Breast Cancer So a lot of times, patients will want to know about the different stages of breast cancer and where do they fall. Stage Zero Breast Cancer is a non-invasive type of breast cancer. It’s known as Ductal Carcinoma In Situ. And this type of breast cancer does not have the ability to travel to the rest of the body. It’s found within the ducts of the breast and the natural history of this is that if you leave it untreated, potentially, it can convert to an invasive type of breast cancer or it can just spread on it's own as a stage zero breast cancer. This is the earliest type of breast cancer woman can have and it is very curable. The curing is about 99% or survival rate is about 99% if they’re treated with the recommended treatments. Someone who has a stage one cancer is still has a very early cancer. In this case, the tumor size is still less than two centimeters and the lymph nodes are not involved. The survival of someone with stage one, long term is in the upper 90’s as well. So someone with the stage two cancer at this point, the lymph nodes are usually involved. If there is no lymph node involvement, that means that the tumor size is probably greater than two centimeters. And in this case, the long term survival is probably in the upper 80’s. So for someone who has a stage three cancer which usually involves some kind of lymph node involvement and a larger tumor, the long term survival is anywhere between 65% to 75%. And finally with stage four, the long term survival is probably – I would say they give at this point five years survival in 50% range.