The Danger of Food Allergies
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Many parents worry about their children having food allergy, but are we exaggerating the dangers? In this video Dr. Peter Saul gives us some practical advice about the true risks of food allergy.


Host: How dangerous are food allergies? Dr. Peter Saul: What do people worry about with allergies, is whether it's going to do them any serious harm. That's the first thing. People come to me and say "look he's allergic to eggs, for example, or peanuts. Is he going to die if he eats them?" The risk of dying in any given year is about 1 in 800,000 from nut allergy. And that's about the same as being run over by a railway train. You do occasionally hear of children being killed on railway lines but most parents don't wake up in the morning thinking "oh, my goodness! Is he going to be killed on a railway line?" And that's the same sort of message that I give to parents. It's there but you shouldn't lose any sleep over it.