The Cross Over
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Improve your coordination with the cross over exercise - Judy Notte Howard shows you how to make fitness fun for kids of all ages.


This agility drill is called Crossovers. Remember to focus on your feet first. You are going to cross over, step two, so it is cross one-two, cross one-two, cross one-two. Now this type of drill is going to really improve your coordination, and then when you feel really confident that you got the pattern, cross one-two, cross, you can speed it up. And as you get more skilled, you can always try it backwards. Okay, are you ready? Here we go (Demonstration). Nice! Cross on- two, cross one-two, cross one-two. If anyone wants to give it a go, let us try it backwards. Keep going, Dylan! Finish the ladder. Okay, Andrea. Cross one-two, cross one-two. Keep it slow first. Get your feet. That is it! And as you feel more confident, go for it. Cross one-two, cross one-two. Awesome! Cross one-two, cross one-two. Great! Nice and good! If you want to keep it forward, no problem. But if you feel like you are up for the challenge and go backwards, go for it! Cross one-two, cross one-two, cross one-two. Nice! Looking good! Cross one-two. Good! These ladder moves are great for agility. Remember to stand with the knees and hips slightly flexed, keep the shoulders and arms relaxed, keep your balance over the ball of the foot, and try to work on getting the pattern right and then increase the speed. And remember, try not to stomp.