The Cradle Position in Breastfeeding
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A lactation specialist teaches a new mother how to breastfeed her day-old baby. This story shows you the cradle position; how to break the suction after feeding and how to burp your baby.


Nurse Francine Padrid: So let's try the Cradle position, just so you can learn some different choices. Hold this pillow up a little closer there you go. That's it. You take this arm and kind of bring it around across his back and grab him behind the neck with this hand, then this hand is going to support your breast. Female Speaker: Oh, okay Nurse Francine Padrid: Okay, and you can really help to get him on the breast better. Okay? Female Speaker: Okay. Nurse Francine Padrid: And you've got his head as well supported by your hand there and bring your arm around, perfect. Wide open now, and he goes on the breast. Female Speaker: Yeah, oh this is a lot better and I'm just positioned better. Nurse Francine Padrid: Okay good. You have to be comfortable because you're going to spend the time doing this. And he has taken a little break that's very normal and if it seems like it's too long more than five or ten seconds, just give him a little jiggle or a little stroke and usually get him going. Female Speaker: Okay. Nurse Francine Padrid: And what's happening now, he is getting way more milk with every nursing than he was in the first two days or three days and so, and sometimes they just get fuller quicker. Female Speaker: Okay. Nurse Francine Padrid: And he's been around here for good 15 minutes and he is spending a lot of time just kind of relaxing and sleeping and so when he quits sucking again, you can go ahead and break the suction and the way you're going to do that is you're actually going to take your finger and you're going to kind of put it on the roof of his mouth, his upper lip there and just kind of get your finger in under his lips between his jaws and you're going to feel the suction break and once you feel that -- Female Speaker: He latched on. Nurse Francine Padrid: He has really latched on there. Female Speaker: Yeah. Oh there you go. Nurse Francine Padrid: There you go and then you can. Female Speaker: Terrific. Nurse Francine Padrid: Easily back him off. Female Speaker: Okay. Nurse Francine Padrid: Alright. And then go ahead and try and burp him. Most babies would burp as soon as you set them up. You can do some gentle patting or some gentle rubbing and you'll get to know whether he is the kind of baby that has to burp or he will get fussy or you know he maybe just one of these babies that could careless for their burps. Female Speaker: Is this the best way of burping him? Nurse Francine Padrid: Yeah you can hold them just like you're holding him now, gently patting him. You can take him and you can put him up on your shoulder, if you want to try that. Female Speaker: Yeah, I want to try that. Nurse Francine Padrid: Sometimes I guess you'll feeling like your supporting him well. Just like that, that's it. Female Speaker: Okay. You can burp.