The Business of Mattel's Barbie Doll
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With two Barbie dolls sold every second of every day, Barbie is the most successful doll ever.


It is rumor than in every second of everyday two Barbie dolls are sold. Hi, I’m Rebecca Brayton and welcome to and today we’ll be learning more about the business of Barbie. Barbie was initially released to toy buyers at the 1959 International Toy Fair. The first incarnation of the doll cost three dollars, 351,000 were sold, and its first year on the market. Barbie has never look back and today she is still the number sign doll in the world. Since 1959, over one billion Barbie has been sold as well as over one billion different fashions for her and her friends and her family. Barbie has served as a muse for over 70 designers from Calvin Klein of Diane von Furstenberg to Gucci and Versace. The best selling Barbie of all times was 1992 Totally Hair Barbie. This doll featured hair from head to toe measuring 10.5 inches over 10 million units of this model were sold worldwide, and in three years it was on the market between 1992 and 95. Barbie has inspired a number of people to begin collecting the doll and her accessories. Mattel estimates that over 100 thousand individual have Barbie collections. Barbie finally encountered competition in a fashion doll market with Bratz in the early 2000s. Bratz dolls manufactured by MGA Entertainment are similar in size to the de-minute of Barbie and her dress provocatively. In 2008, Mattel won a lawsuit against MGA alleging the Bratz dolls and French copyright. 90% of girls age three to 10 own a Barbie doll looking the Barbie brand not just a doll, but a cultural icon.