The Best Books for Bedtime
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Reading at bedtime isn't just a matter of doing what's good for the kids, benefits include literacy and vocab, it can be fun. Check out the hilarious and off-beat books that the guys at DadLabs are reading to their own kids. Brought to you by BabyBjorn.


Daddy Brad: Welcome back to the lab. I am Daddy Brad. Daddy Clay: And I am Daddy Clay. This week the lab is brought to you by BabyBjorn, European design and dad friendly. BabyBjorn. Daddy Brad: Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 10 years. You know it is really important to read your kids. So, we follow the dads here to DadLab to find out what they really do to their kids. Daddy Clay: Here is what they have to say. Daddy 1: Kid Allen slide, already! It is all about a kid’s first trip on down a slide he is all freak out and the kids who just really skips on pictures. He screams, Aaaaahhhhh! Whoa! It turns out to be a have a happy ending. Daddy Clay: Well, my oldest son right now I am reading “The Looming Tower”, Al Qaeda and the Road to 9/11 by Lawrence Wright. Daddy Brad: Meet Wild Boars by Meg Rosof and Sophie Blackall. There is a pig in the toilet. That is funny. There is a pig look what he is doing? He is passing gas. Pig passing gas. Daddy Clay: It is great book light, you know, just something to relax with. Daddy 1: How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night! Jane Yolen and mark Teaque. Educational for the parents because eventually says the name of the different dinosaurs. It is fun, it is fast, it is rhythmic, it kind of needs to a sleepiness good night. Good night little dinosaur. It makes sleep coming faster. Daddy Clay: It is Tuesday I am actually what I am doing, I am reading that book with my oldest son. Nowadays sort of parallel reading, right. He reads his little book and sometimes it is a novel; sometimes it is, you know, he is reading Kevin Hobbs and I am reading my Al Qaeda book. Donna meet that I have never – he had never seen me actually reading a book. I have read to the kids but I usually I do my reading late at night after all the kids are gone to bed. So, I thought it would be good for me to model that. Daddy Brad: I grew up a southern Baptist, I went to church and I heard the Preacher preached and Preacher use a alliteration and rhyming and consciences, and assonances, and all these things. My name is Sylvester Metmankey McBean and I heard of your troubles and I have heard unhappy but I can fix that. I am the fix it up choppy. There is none better than Dr. Seuss. Daddy 1: Charlie Parker played Be Bop. A lot of the just sort of a almost scouting like a lot of words chosen just for a rhythm, sound, and music. Afterwards we can listen to some Charlie Parker and talk about the dangers of heroin. Daddy Clay: When I do read to the little kids, I have one book that I really loved, it is called “Baloney Henry P. and it is by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith. It is funny because you get this little Martian guy and he is like in trouble because he is always late to school and is Miss Bugscuffle. She says Hhm! That is it. The Miss Bugscuffle. Permanent life long detention unless you have one good and very believable excuse. Well, I would have been exactly on time. That is my Henry voice. Well, I would have been exactly on time. Turning the book. I misplaced my Zimulus. Then I found it on my deski. I grab my Zimulus and jump out but I jump smack into the middle of a Rapso launch pad. Daddy Brad: This book, The Night I Followed The Dog by Nina Laden. It is cool. This dude’s dog owns a bar. Yeah! Is that cool or what? It did owns a bar. He is a cat daddy!. Look at some of the hotties to this dude’s dog is hanging out with. Wow! Smoking cocktailecious, bring your bone. Daddy 1: This is called Frida, Jonah Winter and Ana Juan did the illustrations and illustrations they just beautiful. The base are free to color and some explains her world and how she got into art a little bit and talks about like Frida’s, you know pretend friend. It does not talk about Frida’s hot lesbian affairs or her relationship with Russian revolutionaries. Daddy Brad: Well, it is all for us here to laugh. Daddy Clay: If you got a particular reading ritual or habit and works great for you and your family and quickly if you got kids books, titles that you love. Please drop us a comment and in addition to sharing your wisdom, you will a