The Benefits of Space Research to the Daily Life
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Learn how we can benefit for the important space studies and researches.


Designing and planning space craft and missions generates many side benefits of knowledge, information and tools. The key to the success of space research is computer modeling. The ability to evaluate number factors before committing to a particular configuration. Engineers have also been using these same modeling techniques to improve the design and durability of artificial joints. Joint replacement surgeries performed almost every day at most major hospitals. Here an orthopedic surgeon shows a widely used artificial need. The problem is implants like these have to be replaced every 10 to 15 years. Space researches are using their computer codes to come up with a design that will stay securely in the bone for a longer period of time. These techniques also make it possible to custom design artificial joints. Another medical development involves ultrasound. Originally used to detect structural flaws in aircraft, this technology is now enhancing the treatment of fire related injuries. Each year in America alone over 2 million people suffer serious burns. Two hundred need hospitalization. Assessing whether a burn is 2nd or 3rd degree is crucial in determining proper treatment. Now aeronautic research using ultrasound has been modified make rapid, accurate assessments of burn thickness. This procedure enables doctors to distinguish between a 2nd degree burn that can heal naturally and 3rd degree which requires surgical skin grafting. Once left a time and a doctors eye and experience burn assessment can now be highly accurate and instantaneous. These are just some of the benefits coming out of space and aeronautical research.