The Benefits of Reading to Kids
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Reading for kids is the fastest way for them to develop their language skills.


We are reading two books with them, or reading with them, we are looking at the sounds of the words we are looking at your vocabulary that could come up, that's would keep some other words, we are looking at details in osteration we are connecting that thinking and reading together, so that's one they will be calling out what they see. I do not expect to be totally silent, is it totally silent then I don't have participation of other response of teacher needs on adult needs working with children, as is as appropriate either giving it, are we making connections, so we are not making connections and is not going to be a valuable time for their day either, then they have to say bye to each other. Aurelia Spurlark: They love library and they love the retelling of stories, they like to reinvent thing sometimes or once they know the story they like to tell it and sometimes will act it out, so it's just a reinforcement of literacy. At this age they do relate the animals as characters in books, we've had some of this year where previously provide a wonderful kangaroo then we are able to talk about that was children nature, or really animal verses a not a real animal that could be a character. At like age 3 4 5, we are looking for rhyming words opposites, and lot of their language that's fun, a lot of the fun language that they can say after they have already read the book. You know they might become a rhyme that they continue saying as tang of shoes, or they are in a car with you, left with the fancy stop. Aurelia Spurlark: We stress who wrote the book and who illustrated the books so they are beginning to look at books differently, and then we are moving to their doing their own writing so that they can think about the fact that you know, I have stories in need, the stories that I can tell too.